Bashir: ‘Journalist’/Pariah Signs with ABC– Bullet #144

Bashir: ‘Journalist’/Pariah Signs with ABC – MJEOL Bullet #144 It has been reported that Martin Bashir has signed up with ABC’s 20/20 as a form of replacement, to a certain extent, for Barbara Walters.He will be a “special correspondent” with the network.I’ve heard of networks desperate for ratings, but this is ridiculous.With their 4th place position among the top networks coupled with their internal rivalries, what this decision will do is make people question the motives of ABC.The question that remains, however, is what celebrity in their right mind would consent to do any interview with him after seeing the way he butchered the Michael Jackson so-called documentary, and blew any chance of gaining a Barbara Walters-like mystique for celebrity interviews?