Part1: Dimond Goes into Destroy-Mode w/ Alleged Co-Conspirators- Bullet#186

Part1: Dimond Goes into Destroy-Mode with Alleged Co-Conspirators – MJEOL Bullet #186 Appearing on Crier Live August 25 2004, tabloid reporter Diane Dimond has gone into full ‘destroy alleged co-conspirators’ mode. Her latest jury pool poisoning report for Court TV tries to destroy Marc Schaffel and connect his sordid past with Michael Jackson. But she also crossed the line by trying to use his past to insinuate that Schaffel’s “talents” as a former gay porn producer is the reason why he’s has a connection to Jackson. And she does so without one scintilla of information/evidence/testimony from anyone who even makes that claim.

Sources say that Schaffel had long since left his porn past by the time ex-Jackson employees brought him in to work on a project with Jackson. However, in the first of a three part series, Dimond “investigates” the background of Schaffel and tries to use that to suggest all sorts of things about Jackson.

The people allegedly named in the prosecution’s asinine conspiracy charge is supposed to be the subject of her defamatory Jackson reporting; a conspiracy charge, by the way, which itself was shot down by the accuser’s stepfather’s testimony in court last week proclaiming the family went freely to and returned from Jackson’s Neverland Ranch as late as April 2003.

The venomous report aired today (Aug 25 2004) was full of information—none about Jackson–and aired just in the nick of time too. This looks to be a good sign for the defense because prosecutors wouldn’t call out their big dog to run interference in this way if they were getting cooperation from the prosecution-alleged “co-conspirators”.

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