Latoya: Michael never wants to see Neverland again – MiniB#63

Apparently the King of Pop’s older sister has flat-out said what we and many of the public speculated about concerning Neverland Ranch.

Many sites, including,, are carrying what Jackson’s older sister is reported to have said on Celebrity Big Brother.

“Michael still owns Neverland. He hasn’t been there in about six years – not since the trial,” she said on Celebrity Big Brother.

“He says he never wants to see it again. He doesn’t want to be there. The memories are so awful.” (see{footnote}{/footnote})

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Jackson brother at show premiere (Tito)

Jackson brother at show premiere

tito01 Michael Jackson’s brother Tito has attended the opening night of a West End show about his family.

Thriller – Live has been billed as a tribute to the hits and career of pop star Jackson and The Jackson 5.

Last year producers held open auditions to find a young actor to play the musical legend on stage.

Tito, who said he was “very excited” about seeing the show, signed autographs outside the Lyric Theatre in Shaftesbury Avenue.

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