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Palanker Calls Mother Bipolar 3-22-2005 Palanker Calls Mother Bipolar 3-22-2005

Louise Polankar calls 2005 accuser's mother bipolar

The continuation of her testimony begins on Page 3004 (court transcript page)

Her cross-examination by Thomas Mesereau begins in Page 3046 (court transcript page)


 Q.  BY MR. MESEREAU:  You told the sheriffs,

14 "This family can be as whacky as they want to be,"

15 right?

16    A.  I don't recall saying that or what I would

17 have meant by that, because you're saying it to me

18 out of context.

19    Q.  Would it refresh your recollection if I just

20 showed you the transcript of your interview?

21    A. Yes.

22        MR. MESEREAU:  May I approach, Your Honor?

23        THE COURT:  Yes.

24        THE WITNESS:  There's several things in here

25 that say "inaudible," so I'm having a difficult time

26 remembering what the intent of this passage was

27 because I was talking casually, so I don't recall.

28        MR. MESEREAU:  Okay.  Let me just have that.

Page 3061

1    Q.  Have you had a chance to review those pages

2 of transcript?

3    A.  Yes.

4    Q.  And do they refresh your recollection about

5 your interview with the Santa Barbara sheriffs?

6    A.  Not really.

7    Q.  Do you recall making statements to the Santa

8 Barbara sheriffs on or around July 7th, 2005?

9    A.  Yes.


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