Is Tom Sneddon Incompetent?

A report corrects a colossal mistake made by the Prosecutor of Santa Barbara, Tom Sneddon during that now infamous press conference: ============================================ One particular thread of the Michael Jackson case is strikingly instructive on how this can occur — even in the face of the news media’s prompt and repeated attempts to root out the mistake. In this instance, the error involves not some peripheral narrative detail, but an issue fundamental to the prosecution: Does a California law adopted after an abortive 1993 investigation into allegations that the singer had molested a young boy allow prosecutors to compel an alleged child victim to testify? [b]The answer is no. There is no such law.[/b] If you thought there was, you’re in extensive company — including a large number of the callers discussing the case on AM talk radio and a clutch of reporters and commentators. Jeffery Toobin, CNN’s legal-affairs analyst, told colleague Miles O’Brien later that day, as they covered Jackson’s surrender to authorities. O’Brien: “As a parent, I can’t imagine anybody trying to compel an 11-year-old … to testify in court. I’m sure a lot of people would have problems with that.” [b]Toobin: “No, it can’t be done under California law. In fact, the law is broader than that. You can’t even compel an adult victim of a sexual assault to testify. That statement by the district attorney is simply wrong. There can be no compulsion.”[/b] ====================================== I guess in all of his gleefulness, he just….forgot? You be the judge. :arrow Read FULL Story >>

Prosecution and Accuser’s Family Leaking Information? Bullet #36

[b]Prosecution and Accuser’s Family Leaking Information? – MJEOL Bullet #36[/b] The New York Times published a rather scathing article questioning whether or not the prosecution in the Jackson case actually [i]has[/i] a case against the singer. In the Times article, it’s reported that the tip line set up by the sheriff’s department has yielded little to no viable leads and no new allegations against Jackson. Sgt Chris Pappas is quoted in the article as saying “At this point in time, none [calls] have clearly identified new cases for independent investigation.” A second issue surfacing now is reports saying this latest accuser’s brother actually witnessed the alleged molestation on one occasion. This new information is also being probed by some in the media who have already been snake-bitten by false information from faulty “sources”. In a discussion on MSNBC’s Scarborough Country (Dec 5 2003), it is reported that Lisa Bloom actually let it slip that the accusing family contacted Court TV proclaiming that the brother of the accuser was going to testify that he witnessed the alleged abuse by Jackson once. It is incredibly suspicious why this family would be contacting any media outlets to begin with. There is also a question as to if the D.A’s office urged them to contact Court TV or if they acted on their own volition. These actions could have been set into motion in order to turn the media tide back in the prosecution’s favor. Read Full Report >> Transcript of that show is now posted at the MJEOL forums: :arrow [url=]Scarborough Country Dec 5-Lisa Bloom admits leak from family[/url]