Did Certain Family Members Cut off Katherine Jackson’s Communication with Michael Jackson Kids? MJEOL Bullet #340

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Although I have SERIOUS problems with taking to Twitter to handle personal family issues, something has become perfectly clear.  To paraphrase the comedic character ‘Madea’ (Tyler Perry): Michael Jackson didn’t raise no punks.  

The Jackson children have been very outspoken lately concerning the issue of them not being able to directly contact their grandmother and former legal guardian, Katherine Jackson, over a week.  TJ Jackson, Tito’s 34 year old son, has been named temporary guardian while Katherine Jackson was in the wind.

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Daring to Criticize Chris Brown after Tribute to Jackson at BET Awards? MiniB#77 OLS (Open-letter Style)

The day after Chris Brown performed a tribute to Michael Jackson at the 2010 BET Awards, the blogosphere and entertainment media were full of lunatics, weekend psychiatrists and fake-a$$ mind-readers pretending to know exactly why Brown broke down into tears during his performance.

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Too Late: After One Year, the Media still Hasn’t Learned Anything – Bullet #339

A year after the death of Michael Jackson, I remain almost as bitter as I was in the direct aftermath of the tragedy.  I, and many like me, found it thoroughly more important to  celebrate his life while he was still alive to enjoy the respect we have for him.  That said, imagine the contempt […]

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Jackson Autopsy Results Conflict Greatly with Reports – Bullet #338

Exactly how many things did the media get wrong regarding the death of Michael Jackson?  Newly revealed autopsy details show the media narrative of Jackson being an unhealthy, impotent, chronic drug abuser is a tale only fit for a know-nothing tabloid.  And every spotlight-chasing loser who found their way in front of a camera to […]

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EW: Jackson Number Ones on Top Again… Sort of – MiniB #76

Michael Jackson has, again, outsold the #1 album on the Billboard 200 Chart. And, again, the King of Pop is making mince meat out of the current established system.

The “#1 album”  (you’d have to put that in quotes) belongs to Fabulous this past week. However, he’s only sold 99,000 copies. Jackson’s Number Ones sold 114,000 copies this past week.

Jackson’s Number Ones was also the #1 selling album last week as well.

Number Ones is older than 18 months, thus it doesn’t qualify to be listed on the Billboard 200 chart. Ridiculous.  However, the album has consistently outsold new releases from so-called ‘hot’ artists.

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Leonard Rowe Fired by Jackson in May 2009 MiniB#75

Last night (July 20 2009) on CNN’s Larry King Live a concert promoter by the name of Leonard Rowe appeared on the show claiming to have a close relationship to Michael Jackson for 30 years. He also alleged Jackson didn’t want to do 50 shows in London and had no idea what his deal with AEG entailed.

He made a number of allegations which, regardless of whether they’re true or not, made him look irresponsible and dubious.

At some point apparently Rowe claimed to have been working for Jackson at the time of his death. However, a letter has surfaced showing the singer supposedly rethought letting Rowe into his inner circle.

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CNN: Jackson Media Coverage Criticized – MiniB#74 UPDATE

{xtypo_dropcap}D{/xtypo_dropcap}espite the way their own network has participated in adding dubious allegations into the mix, a panel on Larry King Live last night criticized the media coverage surrounding Michael Jackson’s passing.

Those who complain about the amount of coverage given to Jackson’s death are missing the point. It is not the amount of coverage but rather the type of coverage which is drawing the ire of fan and non-fan alike.

Much of the story right now is unknown. The only fact we know for sure is that 50 year old Michael Jackson is no longer walking the earth. Everything else is total conjecture laced with rumors wrapped in unfounded nonsense.

And why is the tv coverage saturated with shrill harpies, hangers-on, and those who want to jumpstart their careers by entering into the fray with a bunch of hateful accusations seemingly pulled directly out of their arse?  I know that last description sounds like Gerald Posner but stay with me for a minute.

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