EW: Jackson Number Ones on Top Again… Sort of – MiniB #76

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Michael Jackson has, again, outsold the #1 album on the Billboard 200 Chart. And, again, the King of Pop is making mince meat out of the current established system.

The “#1 album”  (you’d have to put that in quotes) belongs to Fabulous this past week. However, he’s only sold 99,000 copies. Jackson’s Number Ones sold 114,000 copies this past week.

Jackson’s Number Ones was also the #1 selling album last week as well.

Number Ones is older than 18 months, thus it doesn’t qualify to be listed on the Billboard 200 chart. Ridiculous.  However, the album has consistently outsold new releases from so-called ‘hot’ artists.

To date, according to EW, Number Ones has sold 1.37 million copies this year so far.

I can be happy despite the fact that a few of the same people rushing out to buy his music now totally ignored or treated him like a piece of $hit during the last years of his life.

I guess the more MJ merchandise they purchase, the more the guilt fades away.

Too bad this latest record breaking feat had to be posthumous.

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