Comedian Tracy Morgan Calls Jackson’s Music an Inspiration – MiniBullet#56 (AUDIO)

tracymorgan1.jpgIn an interview with the Bradenton Herald, actor/comedian Tracy Morgan says he likes to listen to Michael Jackson’s music at times when he’s not performing.

Morgan, who gave a phone interview with the news outlet, lists Jackson as one of his inspirations and apparently had Thriller playing in the background during the interview.

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Star Jones: Lee Thomas Talks about Michael Jackson (VIDEO) – MiniB#55

{seyretpic id=38 align=right}{tag Lee Thomas} was a guest on Star Jones’s truTV (formerly Court TV) show today (Jan 9) talking about vitiligo. 

Obviously, Michael Jackson’s name came up as he is the biggest star currently dealing with the skin disorder.

Thomas says he sympathizes with Jackson, particularly when Jackson’s vitiligo first started to develop back in the 80s.

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Mesereau Makes Appearance at Aphrodite Jones Book Signing

NOV 24 2007 – New York Times best selling author Aphrodite Jones was recently interviewed at a book signing for her latest, “Michael Jackson Conspiracy”, and dropped what otherwise would be a major bombshell. That is, if the bombshell didn’t make Michael Jackson look like the victim of nefarious and unscrupulous media practices.

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Jackson 60 Minutes Interview Transcript

Jackson {tag 60 Minutes} Interview Transcript
with {tag Ed Bradley}
NEW YORK, Dec. 28, 2003

(CBS) For most of his life, Michael Jackson has been in the spotlight, most recently because of what has been described as bizarre behavior -— bizarre behavior that has now led him to be charged with sexually molesting a 13-year-old boy. If convicted, he could spend 20 years in prison.

Now out on bail and awaiting trial, tonight Michael Jackson speaks out for the first time about his arrest, his accuser and the charges that have, for the moment, made his life a shambles.

We sat down with Michael Jackson on Christmas Day at a hotel in Los Angeles –one of several cities where he has been in seclusion since authorities in Santa Barbara officially charged him with seven counts of sexual molestation and two counts of using an “intoxicating agent” — reported to be alcohol — to seduce the boy.

ED BRADLEY: What is your response to the allegations that were brought by the district attorney in Santa Barbara, that you molested this boy?

MICHAEL JACKSON: Totally false. Before I would hurt a child, I would slit my wrists. I would never hurt a child It’s totally false. I was outraged. I could never do something like that

ED BRADLEY: This is a kid you knew?


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