Comedian Tracy Morgan Calls Jackson’s Music an Inspiration – MiniBullet#56 (AUDIO)

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tracymorgan1.jpgIn an interview with the Bradenton Herald, actor/comedian Tracy Morgan says he likes to listen to Michael Jackson’s music at times when he’s not performing.

Morgan, who gave a phone interview with the news outlet, lists Jackson as one of his inspirations and apparently had Thriller playing in the background during the interview. Here’s a quote from the article posted January 20 2008:

Morgan said he fills his free time with nothing else in particular except those things above, and his stand-up. And sometimes, when he’s not joking around, he likes to sit and listen to Michael Jackson.

Last week, "Thriller" was his choice of background music during the interview. Though Morgan didn’t sing along, he did give kudos to pop star "That’s one of my inspirations," Morgan said. "Michael."
Source: Bradenton Herald

Listen to Morgan’s interview here (You can hear both Thriller and I Just Can’t Stop Lovin You playing in the background)

{tag Tracy Morgan} was most recently in the comedy movie ‘First Sunday’ with Ice Cube and is a star on the NBC show ’30 Rock’. But many people still to this day recognize Morgan as "Hustle-man" from the monster hit TV comedy show ‘Martin’ staring actor/comedian Martin Lawrence.

Morgan is certainly not the first to count Jackson among his inspirations. Singers {tag Chris Brown} and {tag Usher} have both cited Jackson’s artistry as a major influence in their careers.

Not just those two, but a slew of other celebs including {tag Mary J. Blige}, {tag Rihanna}, {tag Beyonce}, {tag Omarion}, {tag Akon}, {tag Will.I.Am} and {tag Kanye West} among many others have all publicly shown respect for the King of Pop.

Akon, Will.I.Am, Usher and Kanye West are all said to be trying to get in the studio with the superstar for his upcoming project due out later this year.


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