Pt 3: 1993 Investigation Not a Problem for Defense? – MB #254

Pt 3: 1993 Investigation Not a Problem for Defense? – MJEOL Bullet #254
The prosecution has been searching far and wide for other accusers that don’t exist.
One such opportunist may have snuck in under the radar before the release of Jackson’s highly profitable HIStory album

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MARCH 26 2005 — Part 2 included information and old articles confirming that there was no matching description given by the accuser of Michael Jackson’s body, as well as info dealing with the fact that prosecutors could have pursued a “case” against Jackson back in 1993 had they had evidence IF they wanted to.

With the hearing set for Monday March 28 2005 to decide whether or not prosecutors can try to muddy up this current non- “case” with as yet un-cross-examined allegations from back then, it’s amazing to see the kind of chicken-little attitudes that have once again sprung up in the media.

Even some of those who normally display common sense have been drilled with so much nonsense for the last 10 years, that they claim “devastation” if the judge rules in the prosecution’s favor. But it is really their fault? Or is it the fault of the hacks among the bunch who have taken it upon themselves to talk the public into this false notion in the face of a silent Jackson who couldn’t present his side of the situation in any way other than the form that’s about to happen on Monday?

Isuppose these normally fair-minded people can do a bit of research first. A number of other people who are somewhat familiar with how the defense was going to handle the 1993 allegation had Sneddon filed charges back then disagree with the ‘chicken-little’ assessment.

Of course, observers who have been watching this “case” materialize have seen this before. At the start of THIS “case” the same ‘chicken-little’ attitude was running rampant with the media. And what’s happened thus far?

Sneddon’s been chastised for putting on such an incredibly weak case. And 100+ search warrants later, the only thing the prosecution has proven thus far is that Jackson loves to look at naked women.

Earlier the public learned that the defense was prepared to call their own witnesses for this hearing, because they made a request from the judge that if prosecutors were allowed to call witnesses, they were prepared to call other witnesses to talk about what really happened. That either spooked the judge, or he just didn’t want to get into having a mini-trial on Monday, because he said that he would only hear arguments on the issue and would call witnesses when necessary.

But in the grand scheme of things, as revealed recently, Sneddon has been looking for mythical “victims” for a very long time. And the one accuser he needed to work with him, doesn’t seem to want to touch him or this “case” with a 10,000 foot pole.

New Jackson Leak Tempest in a Teacup? Act of Desperation?– Bullet #155

‘New’ Jackson Leak a Tempest in a Teacup? Act of Desperation? – MJEOL Bullet #155

Tabloid reporter Diane Dimond has somehow gotten her hands on what she claims to be the settlement document from 1993.This was such “important” news that both Court TV and, later, MSNBC, broke into their programming to talk about this ‘new’ 11 year old information.And for what?

After all the initial craziness, what we now know is that Jackson didn’t pay the accuser millions of dollars after all.It was, from the info in the document, paid by an insurance company.

If this document is indeed authentic, however redacted, we also learn that the money went into a trust fund for the accuser, not directly to him.We also know that Jackson maintained that he is innocent of any wrongdoing in the settlement.