Michael Jackson XM Station March 1

WASHINGTON, Feb. 11  /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ — To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the release of "Thriller," XM Radio will launch a new channel dedicated to the music of pop icon Michael Jackson on March 1, it was announced today.  

The new channel, "XM THRILLER: The Music of Michael Jackson" (XM 63), will feature Jackson’s solo work, as well as recordings from The Jackson 5, interviews and stories from other artists, plus other unique content that celebrates Jackson’s musical contributions. 

O2 Coy Over Jackson Alleged Tour Dates

The O2 press office apologised for coming back with "not the most glamorous of quotes," but "all we can say is that we can’t comment on anything at this time," was its response to rampant rumours of a Michael Jackson residency there in 2008.

 The Daily Mail, Daily Star and Daily Mirror were among the tabloids saying he’s lined up for a multi-date run to coincide with the 25th anniversary of the release of his Thriller album.

Aphrodite Jones’s Book Exonerates the Pop Star

Michael Jackson is 100 percent innocent, and his 2005 trial on charges of child molestation was an outrageously expensive witch hunt solely designed by then Santa Barbara County District Attorney Tom Sneddon to dethrone a successful black celebrity. Meanwhile, the mainstream media missed the true story, preferring instead to pronounce the pop star guilty on all counts in the court of public opinion. Everyone except Michael Jackson should be ashamed of themselves.


Dog woofs along to Michael Jackson hits

Musical mutt Kane is going barking mad – for Michael Jackson. The rescued dog starts woofing in time to the superstar’s songs on the jukebox at the Leyland pub where he has made his home. Eight-year-old Kane has been thrilling regulars at The Wheatsheaf Inn with his canine crooning – and he even joins in with drinkers’ mobile phone ringtones.


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Mesereau Makes Appearance at Aphrodite Jones Book Signing

NOV 24 2007 – New York Times best selling author Aphrodite Jones was recently interviewed at a book signing for her latest, “Michael Jackson Conspiracy”, and dropped what otherwise would be a major bombshell. That is, if the bombshell didn’t make Michael Jackson look like the victim of nefarious and unscrupulous media practices.

Jackson Brings LA Shopping District To A Standstill

(VIDEO INCLUDED) Michael Jackson brought trendy Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles to a standstill on Thursday for a little clothes shopping. The hooded pop superstar and a female friend spent 30 minutes shopping in stores Unica and Moist before dashing back to a dark blue Jeep to make a hasty getaway from a small gang of paparazzi.