Dog woofs along to Michael Jackson hits

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Musical mutt Kane is going barking mad – for Michael Jackson. The rescued dog starts woofing in time to the superstar’s songs on the jukebox at the Leyland pub where he has made his home. Eight-year-old Kane has been thrilling regulars at The Wheatsheaf Inn with his canine crooning – and he even joins in with drinkers’ mobile phone ringtones.

singingdog.jpg Labrador-cross Kane is not averse to other numbers – but his owner Evan Sutherland reckons Kane saves his biggest barks for [Jackson’s]ja back

Evan, landlord of the Wheatsheaf, said: "Kane sings along to mobile phones and the jukebox, especially Michael Jackson.

"Most people do a double-take but he’s part and parcel of the pub now, along with my other three dogs and two cats.

"He’s just fantastic."

Animal lover Evan adopted Kane from the RSPCA shelter in Ribbleton. The eight-year-old dog was sent to the centre when his previous owners, a couple, split up.

But it didn’t take Kane too long to settle into the Wheatsheaf, where he has become a firm favourite with customers.

The pampered pooch loves bar snacks – but may be a bit too big to get his own barstool, like Evan’s other
rescue dogs, Jack Russells Poppy and Ella Evan, who lives above the pub, says: "Kane jumped into my car at the RSPCA centre and refused to get out.

"From day one, he walked into the pub and nuzzled up to a customer and that was that.

"He loves pork scratchings – I think I sell more to dog owners than anyone.

"The dogs know all our regulars and all their habits. I think we’re going to have to rename the pub Pet Rescue!"


1. You Are Not A Bone
2. Bark or White
3. Mud on the Dancefloor
4. Off the Ball
5. Don’t Stop Til You Get a Ruff

 Source: Lancashire Evening Post

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