Trial Review: Brett Barnes Angry at Pros. Allegations – MB#298

Trial Review: Brett Barnes Angry at Prosecution Allegations – MB#298

JANUARY 15 2006 – This MJEOL Trial Review focuses on the testimony of Brett Barnes and how his disdain for prosecutors was another blow to their credibility in the Michael Jackson trial.

Brett Barnes, a witness for the defense, testified in court to directly refute allegations and implications of molestation. Like prosecutors did with Wade Robson and Mac Culkin, they alleged Barnes was a “victim”.

Outraged over the allegation, Barnes came to court to set the record straight. Barnes specifically told prosecutors– as far back as 1993 when he was still a kid–that Jackson had done nothing improper or inappropriate to him, nor had he seen Jackson do anything inappropriate with any child.

Barnes’s testimony is highly interesting because he has spent time around Jackson both as a child and as an adult. Both his mother and sister would later testify as well for the defense.

Pt 1: Explosive Court Declaration Shows Damning Info – MJEOL Bullet #227

Pt 1: Explosive Court Declaration Shows Damning Info – MJEOL Bullet #227
Declaration by Jackson attorney Brian Oxman discusses incredibly damaging info about the accusing family’s credibility and current allegations

Explosive new court documents (docs) were released recently that may have completely obliterated the accusing family’s conspiracy allegations in the Michael Jackson “case”.

 The info is so damaging that most of the general media has so far stayed away from even reporting in detail what was stated in the redacted defense docs. What are they afraid of? Jackson attorney Brian Oxman discussed the accusing family’s changing stories and request for psychological examinations.

Even though a number of lines are blacked out in the court doc, much more info about the history of the accusing family is revealed. The history of this family is relevant because what some commentators don’t yet understand is that this is no longer a he-said/he-said “case”.

The accusing family—the mother, the sister, and the accuser’s brother—are also leveling specific allegations against Jackson about the way they were treated and what they allegedly suffered at the hands of Jackson or his employees.

That makes their history and credibility fair game as well. Oxman is the attorney who issued a subpoena which sparked the prosecution’s cry-baby motion as discussed in MJEOL Bullet #225: Prosecutors Whining After Obtaining Numerous Search Warrants.

In his declaration, Oxman states that contrary to what prosecutors are claiming, the subpoena does not violate the privacy of any of the accusing family members. As a matter of fact, Oxman writes, the Court has already endorsed these subpoenas.