O2 Coy Over Jackson Alleged Tour Dates

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The O2 press office apologised for coming back with "not the most glamorous of quotes," but "all we can say is that we can’t comment on anything at this time," was its response to rampant rumours of a Michael Jackson residency there in 2008.

 The Daily Mail, Daily Star and Daily Mirror were among the tabloids saying he’s lined up for a multi-date run to coincide with the 25th anniversary of the release of his Thriller album.

The Mail story claimed Jackson dates would run through March and April and promoters want him to recreate the classic album on stage.

It also said AEG Live President Randy Phillips is the man who has persuaded the unpredictable Jackson to play live, but added that Phillips isn’t confident that Jackson would tour.

"He and I go back to the LA Gear sponsorship deal I represented him on. He is working on his ‘Thriller’ remix album and some amazingly brilliant new music," Phillips explained.

"I doubt he will ever do a normal multi-city tour again. However, he is itching to get on a stage again and is looking for unique avenues to get to his fans. Other than very preliminary discussions, nothing more has transpired, including a multi-show residency at the O2 Arena."

AEG Europe chief exec David Campbell was quoted by the Star saying the main arena has two big residencies in the pipeline, although both are at the back end of next year.

A 25th anniversary version of Thriller, called Thriller 25, is set for release in February. The original sold more than 50 million copies and won eight Grammy Awards.

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