Raymone Bain: Is she or Isn’t She? – MiniB#57

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Over the past few days, rumors circulated by a few online news sites claimed that Michael Jackson spokesperson and general manager Raymone Bain was o-u-t.

According to various MJ fan sites including www.jacksonland.it, Bain says the rumors were not true and she had never so much as heard of one of the main online news sites spreading the rumor.

The following is the brief response apparently from Bain about this latest issue:

I have never heard of this website and the rumor is not true.

Thanks for your inquiry.



Bain has certainly had to smack down her fair share of rumors, most of which were pushed by the online wing of Fox news; the gossipmonger who shall remain nameless…for now(as if you don’t already know).

Rumors of Bain’s demise creep up ever so often for whatever reason. And thus far, the aftermath of the yapping has always resulted in her still on the job despite the reports.


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