Raymone Bain: Is she or Isn’t She? – MiniB#57

Over the past few days, rumors circulated by a few online news sites claimed that Michael Jackson spokesperson and general manager Raymone Bain was o-u-t.

According to various MJ fan sites including www.jacksonland.it, Bain says the rumors were not true and she had never so much as heard of one of the main online news sites spreading the rumor.

Jackson Goes Rumor Hunting, Smacks Down False Claims – MiniBullet#31

Jackson Goes Rumor Hunting, Smacks Down False Claims – MiniBullet#31

Feb 28 2007 – Be verwwy verwwy quiet…Michael Jackson is hunting down false wumors!  

As an answer to a number of false or exaggerated rumors swirling around in the press, yesterday (Feb 27) came a press release from {tag Raymone Bain} laying the smack down to that slew of false rumors about Jackson’s current and future plans.

If you’ve been paying attention, you would have noticed certain members of the media taking the lull of Jackson news as an opportunity to spread a number of false claims as if they were fact.  

I suppose a number of news outlets aren’t tired of looking stupid just yet, so Bain was much obliged to help them out.

Certain online and offline media entities which recently wrote and/or carried garbage-articles about Jackson being broke enough to consider a reunion tour, or desperately trying to sell a show in Vegas, figuratively got slapped across the face yesterday.