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{seyretpic id=38 align=right}{tag Lee Thomas} was a guest on Star Jones’s truTV (formerly Court TV) show today (Jan 9) talking about vitiligo. 

Obviously, Michael Jackson’s name came up as he is the biggest star currently dealing with the skin disorder.

Thomas says he sympathizes with Jackson, particularly when Jackson’s vitiligo first started to develop back in the 80s.

"I completely understand when he used to wear one glove. I use to wear one glove because I got the first spot on my left hand," Thomas says. "I’d wear a glove in the fall and people would say ‘it’s not that cold’ but I still had on one glove. Then I went to two gloves…I understand what he was doing."

Lee Thomas also says he couldn’t image being the most famous man in America and having to deal with a disorder which slowly robs you of pigment.

Many people who have both worked with and worked for Jackson have confirmed the singer’s {tag vitiligo}. Jackson’s former long-term makeup artist Karen Faye, attorney Thomas {tag Mesereau} and a few of Jackson’s former doctors have all confirmed his vitiligo.

Back in 1993, Jackson was interviewed by Oprah Winfrey at Neverland when he finally revealed he was suffering from vitiligo.

Jackson told an audience of millions he couldn’t control what was going on with his skin. However, the revelation was met with skepticism by the media in particular, who have continued to float outright lies about the disorder Jackson has been facing for about half of his life.

Jackson’s famous reclusiveness throughout the years may also be explained by the highly emotional toll vitiligo has wrought.

Thomas says, in the interview with {tag Star Jones}, "I understand his reclusiveness. I have no problems speaking out and validating that he does have vitiligo".

The Detroit reporter also talks about Jackson previous revelations to the press and adds, "But people weren’t really listening so they moved on quickly to other subjects. He does have vitiligo and it is very difficult to deal with."

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