AP: Coroner Rules Jackson Death a “homicide”

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BREAKING NEWS: AP is reporting the Coroner has ruled Michael Jackson’s death a “homicide”.

Here are the facts as we know it:
0. Michael Jackson was trying to sleep. There is no evidence as yet revealed that Jackson was an “addict” of demerol or oxycontin, or anything.  Coroner has concluded that Jackson died because of the actions of another person. This was not an accidental overdose according to the Coroner.

1. Conrad Murray admitted to police he was treating Michael Jackson for insomnia for about 6 weeks.

2. Murray gave Jackson valium at 1:30 AM

3. Murray injected Jackson with two other drugs at 2:00 AM

4. Jackson still wasn’t sleeping. So Murray says he then gave Jackson 25mg of Propofol at around 10AM

5. Murray says he left Jackson alone to make phone calls after he was under the influence of ALL this medication, came back, and Jackson wasn’t breathing

6. Murray was in contact with other doctors for Jackson, and even went to one of the other doctors with Jackson to see him getting put-under propofol.


[list class=special-11] [li]MSNBC: NBC’s George Lewis, who was reading through the documentation, says Murray was on the phone for over 40 minutes that morning according to his cell phone records. He didn’t just step out for “two minutes” like he told police he did.

Lewis says the unsealed affidavit shows “strange conduct” from Murray. According to the way Lewis reported the story, Murray told police he saw Jackson not breathing at approx 11:00 AM. But police pulled phone records showing Murray was on the cellphone with three different callers from 11:18 AM until 12:05PM. [/li] [/list]

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