PDF: Police Affidavit about Conrad Murray

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Police affidavit detailing what Conrad Murray told police about the death of Michael Jackson and what he says he gave Jackson hours before his death.

Information taken from the affidavit (will be updated):

– Murray prescribed the following medications to Michael Jackson:
1. Flomax – Flomax is used to treat male urinary symptoms due to BPH
2. Ativan – Used to treat anxiety
3. Restoril – Used to treat insomnia
4. Valium – Used to treat anxiety

-When he claims he found Michael Jackson not breathing, Murray used his cellphone to call Michael Amir Williams, Jackson’s personal assistant, in order to tell him to have security come upstairs for an emergency.

-Police say Murray claimed he noticed Michael Jackson wasn’t breathing as early as 11:00 AM. Murray’s cellphone records indicate he was on a cellphone “with three separate callers for approximatetly 47 minutes starting at 1118 hours [11:18 AM], to 1205 hours [12:05 PM].”  Murray ddn’t tell the cops he was on the phone from 11:18 AM to 12:05 PM.

Admin: First question should be: Why the hell didn’t he call 911 first? Second question should be: Why the hell would he call somebody else on a cellphone in order to get security, that was right downstairs, to come up stairs for an emergency? WTF? That makes absolutely no sense unless one is trying to cover their a$$.
– Murray told police he believed Cherilyn Lee gave Michael Jackson Diprivan in a “cocktail”.
Admin: Lee said she never gave Jackson diprivan and didn’t know what it was until she looked it up. Unless she’s lying, Murray may be tryin to pass the buck.
-Murray called Dr. David Adams in Las Vegas and arranged for Adams to give Jackson diprivan to help him sleep
…To be updated soon…or you can download it yourself below.

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