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Exactly how many things did the media get wrong regarding the death of Michael Jackson?  Newly revealed autopsy details show the media narrative of Jackson being an unhealthy, impotent, chronic drug abuser is a tale only fit for a know-nothing tabloid.  And every spotlight-chasing loser who found their way in front of a camera to criticize Jackson’s alleged lifestyle should be slapped across the face.

For months after Jackson’s death, the public has been told what to believe by unnamed, unverified shadowy sources. Even long term friends of Jackson’s were talked into not believing their ‘lying eyes’, but rather to put their faith in unconfirmed, unsubstantiated and single-source media reports about Jackson’s alleged ‘drug use’.

Newly released details from the autopsy report show that Jackson was generally healthy, weighed 136 lbs (avg. weight for his height), had no other drugs in his system other than what Dr. Conrad Murray admitted to giving him, and didn’t have any of the tell-tale signs long-term drug abusers normally have.   Oops.

According to the AP, the L.A. County coroner’s report show Jackson was healthy for 50 year old man. He did have issues with chronic lung inflammation and arthritis in his lower spine.

As with reports surrounding the false allegations of molestation Jackson faced, almost none of what the media claimed to be true has turned out to actually be true.

Media reports claimed that Jackson was down to 108-112lbs. Not true, according to the autopsy results. He was 136 lbs, which is more than what even I assumed he weighed during his death.

Media reports claimed Jackson was sickly and in generally terrible health, and could not have performed in London. Not true. The autopsy results show Jackson was in good health for his age.  By the way, the Coroner’s findings confirm reports from the doctor of the insurance company sent to run a battery of tests on Jackson to see whether he was healthy enough to be insured for the This Is It Tour.

According to the AP, “the autopsy report did not identify any serious physical problems that might have limited Jackson’s ability to perform,” (See AP Oct 1 report).

There were no purposely hidden pre-existing conditions which would have increased the chances of death from medications Murray gave Jackson. This slaps down a possible defense argument that Jackson may have been hiding his true health condition from Murray. He obviously was not.

In addition, what was all that talking-head jaw flapping about Jackson not physically being able to do what he wanted to do in London?  The Coroner’s findings are in direct conflict with those assumptions.

__A long-term drug addict with healthy organs? WTF?__
The media, in their infinite bubble of group-think, have sought to paint Michael Jackson as a regular drug-addict who was also culpable for his own death.

Media reports claimed that Jackson was a chronic addict for years, possibly decades.  However, according to the autopsy results,  there were no other medications in Jackson’s system other than what Murray admitted to giving him before his death.

To further confirm this point, the Coroner found nothing wrong with Jackson’s liver, his kidneys, or his heart. There were no pills found in his stomach either.

WTF?  You mean to tell me he WASN’T  a pill-popping dope-head who hired Murray to feed his addiction?? No! That can’t be!!  But Drew Pensky said….! But James Walker Jr. said…! But Brian Oxman said…!  But former unnamed bodyguards claimed….!  But the reason he died was because…!!

Enough of the sarcasm for now. To some people, this will be totally shocking and they will seek ways to placate the guilt they should now be feeling for making such assumptions before details like this were made public.

Some may completely close their ignorant-a$s eyes to these facts and come up with ways in which their view has to be RIGHT, instead of merely reporting what is right in front of them.

To others, however, this is merely another entry on the list of Jackson-related issues about which the general media have been so wretchedly incorrect.   Not just woefully incorrect,  but they also provided platforms for know-nothing, narcissistic wannabe Jackson-experts to make proclamations about which they knew absolutely nothing.

From the AP report:

Aside from propofol and the sedatives, the only substances found in his system were the local anesthetic, Lidocaine, sometimes used to numb injection sites and ephedrine, a commonly used resuscitation stimulant.

No other drugs — legal or otherwise — were detected, nor was any alcohol.

(see AP Oct 1 2009 report)

Long-term drug abuse causes liver and kidney damage and affects parts of the central nervous system.  Surely if he was addicted for YEARS up until his death – like the public was so bold-facedly told to believe – there would be some type of physical damage to his internal organs directly related to alleged current drug abuse.

There were unverifiable reports that Jackson was taking 20-100 Xanax pills a day. Remember that one? I do.  His body wasn’t awash in Xanax, according the Coroner, or any other prescription medication whereby he would be able to abuse it himself.

Not 24 hours after his death, there were unconfirmed reports stating Jackson had died of an overdose of OxyContin and Demerol.  Neither medication was in his system at all.

There were even unconfirmed reports claiming Jackson may have been a pot-head (marijuana). The illegal drug was not in his system.

As a matter of fact, according to the AP, there were absolutely no other legal or illegal medications in his system aside from what Dr. Murray admitted to giving him on the day he died, nor was there any alcohol or sign of alcohol abuse.

What happened to the reports that Jackson’s house was a mobile pharmacy? Remember those? If so, who was taking all those alleged medications? It damn sure wasn’t Jackson, according to his autopsy.  It’s just a shame it took an autopsy to reveal it.

Cherilyn Lee, of all people, in one of her many interviews, flat out said:

“Mr. Jackson did not present himself as a drug addict and from January to April, I didn’t see that in him.  Even when it came to the Diprivan, he was looking for something that was going to help him sleep.”

(see AH: Jackson Did Not Present Himself As a Drug Addict  )

Whatever past problems Jackson had with too much medication–whether it was 15 years ago or half a decade ago– he apparently would have had to have kicked the habit long before his death, according to these newly released findings.

How many times did we have to hear irresponsible blather from spotlight-chasing ex-friends, ex-confidants and ex-employees, who hadn’t so much as talked to Jackson in half a decade, making proclamations about what caused his death? Brian Oxman definitely knew a drug addiction killed Jackson, remember?  He had his know-nothing a$s in front of a camera before Jackson’s body was cold.

They didn’t know a damn thing about why Jackson was put under and never woke up on June 25 2009, but were given unfettered access to prevaricate on the public airwaves nonetheless.

How many alleged ‘breaking news’ reports based off of bald-faced lies did the public have to sit through?  How much rank speculation and regurgitated bull found its way on-air after his death?  How much misinformation was still permeating the situation up until the second this AP report was released?  Way too much to measure.

__Further confirmation of Vitiligo__
Way back in 1993, Jackson revealed he was suffering from Vitiligo. Vitiligo is an auto-immune illness which destroys the pigmentation of the skin.  It doesn’t just ‘turn you white’. Your skin becomes translucent from the lack of melanin.

The AP says, “The coroner found depigmentation of his skin around his chest, abdomen, face and arms” (see AP Oct 1 2009 report).

Sometimes vitiligo occurs in people with other autoimmune illnesses like Lupus.  Whether you believe Arnold Klein or not, Jackson did have a diagnosis of Lupus.

Numerous pictures have surfaced throughout the years showing clear signs of the effects of vitiligo on Jackson’s body.

Thomas Mesereau — the attorney who represented Jackson successfully back in 2005 for which he was acquitted of false molestation allegations – confirmed years ago that not only did Jackson have vitiligo, but he had actually saw the effects of the illness on Jackson’s body at the time (see Astonishing Jackson Trial Discussion with Mesereau ).

__Mike da baby pappy__
Dude, Michael Jackson is the father. We already know that.  The media-created drama of who the alleged father of Jackson’s children is received another interesting fact according to the autopsy results.

According to the Coroner’s report, Jackson was in-fact a healthy, sperm producing male.

I hate to even get into this bull$hit, but there were many unsubstantiated reports that Jackson was going around the world collecting dudes’ sperm as candidates so he could have kids;  the assumption being that Jackson himself wasn’t able to father children.

From the AP: “The coroner also found Jackson was actively producing sperm.” Well, that’s that.

Aside from that, he was the one who took care of them, fed them, clothed them, made sure they were educated and protected. He was the one who stayed up all night when they had a fever, sang to them to get them to go to sleep and helped them with their homework.

When Paris Jackson got up on that stage at the memorial service, she wasn’t crying for Arnold Klein, Mark Lester, or another other pathetic loser making paternity claims.  She was crying for her daddy. Period.

But what does any of this matter to a hateful crowd trapped in their own bubble of group-think? Other similarly-educated people think one thing, so why not believe what almost all of your current colleagues believe?

There were far too many “We know that he…” and not nearly enough “We just don’t know if he….” .  Everyone was racing to the bottom as quickly as possible because so much of the public was interested in Jackson’s death.

The problem is that many supposedly reputable sources were in a death race, competing with each other instead of trying to figure out just what the hell happened to someone who used to be a living, breathing human being.

To many members of the media, it COULDN’T possibly be that Jackson was taking medication at the direction of his doctor. There HAD to be a sinister explanation like Jackson bought the doctor in order to feed an addiction.

It COULND’T possibly be that Jackson was following the law.   There HAD to be a sinister explanation like he was doctor-shopping and taking dozens of pills each day which contributed to his death.

It COULDN’T possibly be that Jackson put his faith and his own life in the hands of a doctor he trusted. There HAD to be a sinister explanation like he threatened Murray to pump him full of medications.  Medications which Jackson reportedly already claimed didn’t work for him, by the way.

Moreover, the media beast led a thirsty, gullible public over to the containers of poisoned Kool-aid (Flavor-aid) as well.

The brotha just wanted to sleep. He seemed to have been excited about performing and exhausted from his workaholic style all at the same time, and he just wanted what he thought was sleep.  There were no serious illnesses which he was hiding from his doctors.   He wasn’t a dope-head. The only medications in his system were given to him by the physician trying to put him to sleep.

Jackson put his life in the hands of a medical doctor who waited up to half an hour to get someone else to call 911 after he found his client not breathing.  A physician who was on the phone during the time he claimed to have found Jackson not breathing.  A physician who walked out of the room while Jackson was unconscious under the influence of propofol.

His well-being was in the hands of a physician who was calling the shots about which medications to give Jackson preceding the time of his death.  A physician who pulled rank and ordered paramedics to work on Jackson at the house instead of getting him to a hospital immediately.  A physician who apparently showed no regard for the “standard care of administering propofol”, according to the Coroner’s report.

Jackson seems to have died from the inept care he received. His death was ruled a homicide because of acute propofol intoxication.

As the AP report states, “the standard of care for administering propofol was not met and the recommended equipment for patient monitoring, precision dosing and resuscitation was missing” (see AP Oct 1 2009 report).

And the media sought to in some way blame Michael Jackson for putting himself in that situation.  True, Jackson seemed to have super powers on stage, but he wasn’t psychic. And he certainly wasn’t to blame for wanting to sleep and seeking out the advice of medical professionals who may have had their own legal or illegal agendas.

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