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The Media is Addicted to Michael Jackson – Bullet#335

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The media is addicted to Michael Jackson.  There. I said it.  And I’m not talking about a weekend drunken binge addiction. They have a full on, 1000 pills a day-, drunk out of their minds-, shaking on the floor of a random crackhouse- addiction.

Online glorified tabloids and their traditional cousins are thirsty for anything remotely shocking or salacious with the words “Jackson” attached to it.

I wouldn’t be surprised if fledgling and veteran reporters alike were out  turning tricks in back alleys all over California for leaked Michael Jackson information… whether it’s of pure quality or not.

Don’t for one minute think the addiction to Michael Jackson is limited to the entertainment media only.

Three weeks after Jackson passed away, sites like TMZ, entertainment shows like Entertainment Tonight and celeb ‘ragazines’ like Us Weekly seem to have non-stop Jackson stories to tell, regardless of its dubious or unsubstantiated nature.

However, supposedly reputable networks like CNN, MSNBC, CBS, NBC, ABC and FOX have all lost their minds while foaming at the mouth at various moments following Jackson’s passing.

They can’t help it. They’ve gotta get that fix! They need the euphoric feeling of being in front of a camera with a ‘breaking news’ story — the more heinous and unbelievable, the better.  They need to be known as somebody who can get their hands on “new revelations” or “shocking new video” or “explosive allegations”. It wouldn’t be a high if they weren’t gaining anything from it.

Of course, if you confront a random Michael Jackson-wannabe-expert — like Jim Moret, Jane Valez Mitchell, Diane Dimond, Roger Friedman, (or Joe Sixpack who has a boatload of personal problems of his own) — they would totally deny the Jackson addiction.

And of course that’s the first sign of addiction: denial. They’re ‘not really hooked’. They’re ‘just reporting what their sources tell them’. They ‘can quit anytime they want to’, right?

The “sources” are their pushers and they don’t care if the quality is pure or tainted. They just need to feel that high; that rush of getting to the top of the heap without ever noticing whether that “heap” is mountain or a pile of garbage.

There’s a game plan to their behavior as well. They hoard Michael Jackson information so they can be the first to report it, make a name for themselves, and thereby qualify for undeserved respect from their colleagues.

This selfish behavior … ah, wait a minute. That’s a sign of addiction as well: selfishness.  The only thing more important than getting “the latest on the Michael Jackson saga” is making sure your rival doesn’t get it first.

__The product is only as good as the “pusher”__

Whatever we, the public, hear about Jackson’s life is only as accurate as the “source” who’s providing the information. The source, however, is the media’s pusha-man (read: pusher).

Seriously, how many times can you ask a know-nothing, fired and/or sued ex-employee how many pills Jackson allegedly took? The answer: as many times as it takes for them to say what the questioner wants to hear.

How much exposure can they collectively give to somebody who may not have so much as spoken to Michael Jackson in half a decade? The answer: as much as that hanger-on wants so long as the newly discovered “source” is telling them what they want to hear.

{xtypo_rounded_left1}After all, what better way to stay in denial other than by pretending to have the altruistic motive of serving the public interest?{/xtypo_rounded_left1} It’s the ‘telling-them-what-they-want-to-hear’ part that’s feeding the addiction.

There are tales of certain members of ‘the beast’ (read: media) engaging in questionable behavior to secure confidential documents, pictures, or videos which were never meant for public consumption. A few such documents made their way to air as certain addicts ran in front of a camera, waving the paper around as if they found a lost Gospel. Or replaying a video over and over … and over, and over, and freaking over again.

Some of those documents were sealed court documents. Hence, it may have been a criminal act to release such information to the press.

These criminal acts are nothing short of … ah, wait a minute. Engaging in illegal and criminal behavior is what addicts do. They have no regard for the law or respect for the democratic processes of this nation.

To further their collective Jackson addiction, some have to commit criminal acts in order to gain their fix.  Never mind if the unknown thing they get their hands on sometimes adds absolutely nothing to the understanding of the current situation.

They need to be stopped before some of them start to break into your house to steal your jewelry so they can pawn it and pay off a “source” who wants $30,000 to detail how Michael Jackson once asked them to drive to Rush Limbaugh’s house to go on a pill run at 3 o’clock in the morning!

__You need help__
We, the public, have all tried to intervene in the media’s madness, right? Wrong. Some of the public are just as caught up in the bull$hit addiction as the media.

John and Jane Doe are now pretending to be addiction experts, relaying unfounded or unverifiable information to each other, acting as if they know who the alleged “real father” of Michael Jackson’s kids are, and are assuming the role of detective trying to solve the case of Jackson’s death.

After all, what better way to stay in denial other than by pretending to have the altruistic motive of serving the public interest? This isn’t a case the media has the ability to solve because of their adulterated agendas.

But at this point I’m about ready for somebody to claim Mrs. Peacock pushed Jackson down a flight of stairs after Colonel Mustard hit him on the back of the head with a candlestick, while Professor Plum watched in delight. Get a Clue.

{xtypo_rounded_right1}I wouldn’t be surprised if fledgling and veteran reporters alike were out  turning tricks in back alleys all over California for leaked Michael Jackson information. {/xtypo_rounded_right1} This type of ridiculousness has always surrounded Michael Jackson. He was a benevolent version of ‘the ring’ from Lord of the Rings. Everyone susceptible to corruption transformed into monsters by the close proximity to the assets he held and the money he generated.

Towards the end of his life, the media didn’t think they were doing the right thing unless they destroyed him. He ‘bleached his skin’ (not true). He ‘molested children’ (not true). He was ‘too weird’ to exist (not true).  It was, collectively, their jobs to toss him into a fiery pit, they thought.

And ultimately they may have succeeded in some small part by contributing to his untimely passing.

So imagine the trauma they suffered after realizing not everybody in America thought of Jackson as a piece of $hit like they collectively did.

__ Cause and Effect __

These Jackson-crackheads will never admit to being complicit in some way to the enormous amount of pressure and pain Jackson felt mostly from things unrelated to his stage shows.

It doesn’t matter whether Jackson had 1 or 12 prescription meds in his body at the time of his death if it weren’t enough to kill him. Countless other people who have dealt with alleged addiction have survived to tell their story.

A combination of the stress from the hell he’s been though this decade, along with the ravages of Lupus, on top of the vitiligo may have weakened his internal system in significant ways.

It’s well known that long term exposure to terrible stress can cause serious health problems. Some experts say stress can cause preexisting illnesses to take a far greater toll than they otherwise would.

According to online guides about stress, it can cause heart problems, sleep problems, digestive problems, suppress the immune system and contribute to speeding up the aging process. It can also worsen skin conditions (vitiligo) and autoimmune illnesses (Lupus).

Jackson managed to work through all of that for as long as he could.  He was as sharp as he always was, according to almost everybody who worked with him for the upcoming concerts about which he was so excited.

He didn’t give up the fight against those who were so rabidly addicted to making his life a living hell.

__Talk about ‘inappropriate behavior’…__

Most of Jackson’s family must be suffering immensely while watching a media in the throes of their latest narcotic addiction. This is the absolute worst possible thing they have ever had to endure.

But it’s probably all the more frustrating watching these backbiting, story-snatching, gossipmongering crackheads jockey for public recognition and higher ratings at the expense of a deceased relative.

Anyone getting paid trying to prove Jackson was a drughead should walk their glassy-eyed ass over to a mirror and take a long look if they want to see an addict.

There are those who have bitten down into this tragedy and can’t fathom a day when they’ll have to let it go.  Well I wish all their teeth are ripped out by the roots.

Here’s a little advice for getting control of the addiction:
Stop sleeping with your Blackberry waiting on any message with the word “Jackson” in the title.

Stop promising to sell your first born to anyone who can bring you a Jackson story which will put your online tabloid on par with Perez Hilton or TMZ.

Stop acting like a video of Jackson’s hair catching on fire 25 years ago is the reason why he died on June 25 2009.  Puhleaze.

Stop feigning concern about his children. You treated their father like $hit and wanted them to be ripped from his custody at one point.

Stop advertising the “latest news on Michael Jackson” when you’re just going to regurgitate all the crap you’ve speculated about on the previous 15 shows you’ve done already about him.

Stop snatching unsubstantiated “reports” from other agencies and passing them off as confirmed information.

Stop assuming every unfounded, unconfirmed and unverifiable accusation you hear is true. For example, you thought he bleached his skin, remember? Look how wrong you turned out to be.

Stop providing platforms for every hack, crook, ex-bodyguard, ex-manager, and ex-whatever who didn’t get the chance to steal enough from him when he was alive before they were tossed off the gravy train.

Stop pretending that everything is “devastating”, “explosive”, and “shocking”. Sometimes it just ain’t that serious.

Stop acting as if you know everything about a man whom you didn’t spend 2 minutes trying to understand beyond your own prejudices when he was alive.

Stop those twin dragons on Headline News (Nancy Grace, Jane Valez Mitchell). Seriously. They are two seconds away from an overdose.

Stop pretending you know everything because your “pusher” told you info which already fit your assumptions about who Michael Jackson was.  Was. Past tense.

He was a man, though he was treated more like a walking dollar sign.  He was a father, though some of the crackheads still refuse to admit it.  He was a giant, though it took death for his detractors to realize what an enormous impact he had on millions of people around the world.  Most of all, he was human.

And whatever real or imaginary alleged addiction problem he may have had in the past, it pales in comparison to the enormous Mt. Everest-sized monkey on the media’s back.

One last piece of advice: Close your mouth, get off your knees and realize that it’s you who have the addiction problem.

You hateful crackheads.


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