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Suspicions Grow over Jackson Doc Conrad Murray – Bullet#336

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How does the biggest superstar in the world die in the middle of the day, minutes away from a hospital, with a doctor in the house? And why the hell does it take that doctor half an hour to call 911 after said doc discovers a breathless Jackson?

Conrad Murray claims he happened upon an unconscious Jackson and still waited until he could find somebody else to call 911. This same doctor claims he didn’t know the address, but drove his own car to the residence.  This same doctor performed CPR on a bed allegedly for half an hour (or whatever) instead of moving Jackson’s body to the floor for better effectiveness.

I said this before when details started to come out about the events of that day: somethin’ ain’t right.

This cannot be some random open and shut case of an overdose.  With the news of Murray’s Houston offices being raided in connection with a manslaughter investigation, everybody went on high alert.  The police were looking for evidence in the furtherance of an investigation into what Murray did, or didn’t do, or what he may have given (if anything) to Michael Jackson before his death.

The general group-think-prone media may have it all wrong about this entire situation.  They have long since clung to the most ridiculous, sinister interpretations of Jackson’s behavior.  That narrative of negativity has bled over into his death investigation.

Maybe instead of Jackson being addicted to anything, he was relying on a medical professional to give him adequate treatment after informing the physician of his ailments.  What if Jackson was taking medication as prescribed by Murray in exactly the way Murray, not Jackson, wanted?

It’s already been confirmed that Jackson had vitiligo and the deadly serious illness of Lupus.  Is it shocking he would be on multiple medications with such ailments? Absolutely not.  What exactly he may have been taking is yet unknown.

What is certain, however, is that Murray’s suspicious actions have roused ‘the beast’ better known as the media, and they are being forced to take a look into whether this was a total accident or something more.

__Defense, anyone?__
Murray claimed through his attorneys that he found Jackson unconscious and not breathing.  This cuts a hole in any defense he may have if he was also administering the anesthetic diprivan, as reported.

Administering diprivan should only be done in hospitals.  And a lot of monitoring equipment is required to make sure the person who is receiving it is still breathing and still has a pulse. At least one other doctor over a decade ago apparently administered diprivan to Jackson. And he apparently did it the right way because Jackson lived.

Any doctor overseeing the administration of such a medication wouldn’t be roaming around doing god knows what while a patient is left alone to possibly die.

It’s usually given by an Anesthesiologist anyway.  Murray is (was) a Cardiologist.  Since the med is typically given in hospitals, there’s a question as to how Murray got his hands on it to begin with. He is reportedly not allowed to prescribe medications in California so he certainly isn’t legally allowed to administer diprivan.

Further, what exactly was he doing as Jackson lay in bed dying if that version of events are to be believed? What? Did he just arrive at the house? Was he watching TV eating a bowl of popcorn?  Did he fall asleep… in the middle of the day?  Was he too busy rummaging through Jackson’s things looking for valuable stuff to steal while Jackson was unconscious?  Hopefully the police will get to the bottom of this.

__Magically appearing pills?__
According to unverified reports, Murray claimed to have told the police where to find a “secret stash” of pills allegedly belonging to Michael Jackson.

But guess where they found it, according to the report?  In the closet of a GUEST room.  Not Jackson’s room.  Not Jackson’s closet. Not Jackson’s bathroom. Not under Jackson’s bed.

Why the hell would Jackson keep a “secret stash” of medication in the closet of a guest room where other people besides him were supposed to stay when they came to visit?  It wouldn’t remain “secret” for long.  And why would the doctor know about such pills if Jackson had an addiction he wanted to keep secret?

That makes no sense at all.  Or rather, the only way the scenario would make sense is if the pills were Murray’s, not Jackson’s.  That would explain why police didn’t find them during the initial search. They would have been investigating Jackson’s death, not a crime committed by Murray so they may not have had a reason to search the guest room(s).

Also if this is true, there goes another defense argument up in smoke.  Murray could have claimed he had no idea Jackson was taking other medication which would interfere with whatever Murray was giving him.  However, if he knew about alleged pills – and allegedly a lot of them – he can’t get off by saying he had no idea Jackson was taking other medication.

There are three possible scenarios according to this version of events:
(1) He knew full well what Jackson was taking and sought to keep Jackson as impaired as possible so he or someone else could continue to benefit;

(2) He put the medications there himself to make it appear as if Jackson had an addiction problem to cover up whatever he did (or whatever he gave) to the late superstar;

(3) The medication found by police don’t belong to Jackson, but rather they were for Murray’s use which may or may not have had anything to do with Jackson.

If Murray had control of the medications, he would be the one dispensing the amounts to Jackson. So how could Jackson have died of a self-induced overdose if Murray had control over the pills since they were found in a guest room in which he was probably staying?

Further, if Jackson’s fingerprints weren’t on some or all of those alleged pill bottles, or if there were medications in the house which weren’t found in his system, the police would be frantically trying to track down just where they came from, much like they are doing now.

And certainly if Jackson had enough medication in him in such a way that he would have been unconscious by the time other medications were introduced into his system, the police would also have their radars up over Murray’s behavior; Murray’s strange behavior.

__Exactly who has the problem?__
It’s an understatement to classify Murray’s behavior on the day of Jackson’s death as suspicious.  At this point, I wouldn’t be shocked at all if it turned out that Murray himself was the pill-popper or was in some other way impaired on the day of June 25 2009.

It certainly would explain why he couldn’t remember (or didn’t know) the address of Jackson’s house even though he apparently drove himself there in his own car.  His car was later impounded by the police for a period of time.

It would also explain why Murray was performing CPR while Jackson was still laying on a bed.  The standard wisdom is that you are supposed to get a person on the floor – a hard, flat surface – to perform CPR.  He’s a doctor. He should have known that.

For up to 30 minutes he’s still performing CPR on the bed. It’s the 911 operator who has to tell them (Murray and the security guard who called) to get Jackson onto the floor. On the other hand, why would you go out of your way to perform CPR on somebody who you knew was dead a long time before that call? That, itself, opens up a whole other can of worms.

Most importantly the half an hour that lapses between the time Murray found Jackson, and the time 911 was called, features prominently in this scenario.

What if Murray took that half an hour to hide whatever he gave Jackson, or to sober up, or to think up a cover story for what he was doing while he was supposed to be monitoring Jackson?

There is absolutely no valid reason why anyone – and a doctor no less – would wait up to half an hour to call 911 if they find somebody not breathing. Murray had a cellphone and didn’t even attempt to call 911, apparently.

There is no breathless 911 call showing how Murray tried to call for help as he’s running throughout the house frantically trying to find someone to give him the direct address; not a security guard, a cook, a maid, Jackson’s kids, or anybody. There appears to be no independent record of him trying to help Jackson in those early minutes.

Let’s say he performed CPR for 15 minutes. That house isn’t big enough where it would take another 15 minutes to find somebody to help him.  Do you know how long 15 minutes feels? Now double it and you’ll have an idea about the amount of time that may have lapsed between somebody finding Jackson and a 911 call.

Reports say the hospital was about 6 minutes away.  He could have picked Jackson up, put him in his car and drove him to the hospital in less time.  At the very least, security would have been alerted to the situation sooner had Murray actually took actions which make sense to most people analyzing the alleged events of that day.

__Hide and seek__

If all that weren’t bad enough, verified reports that Murray had employees go to a storage unit and remove boxes of stuff on the day Jackson died have surfaced.  This storage unit was later the subject of a police search a few days ago.

The general manager of that storage facility, Sue Lyon,  gave an interview saying that Murray rented the 10×15 foot storage unit back in April. She says they came at 11:22 am (PST).  The 911 call was reportedly placed at 12:21 pm (PST). And Murray claims he found Jackson about 30 minutes before that time, which means he found Jackson at approximately 11:51am if he was telling the truth.

However, recent reports claim Jackson may have died hours before paramedics were finally called which would put his death before the time someone calls these women and tells them to remove items from that storage unit.

Lyon said the two women claimed they were managers of Murray.  Of the women taking the boxes out of the storage unit on June 25, Lyon said, “They were very casual about it.  I asked them if they were moving out, and they said, no, they were just moving some things. They’re nice women.”

She says it took them about half an hour to move whatever it is they came to get, and though the women came in a Mercedes, the boxes were loaded into another older vehicle.

One hell of a “coincidence”, huh? I don’t believe in coincidences that huge.

The problem is that any evidence may have been long gone by the time authorities finally raided Murray’s Houston office and that storage unit. It’s been a month since Jackson passed. I would hate to think police waited too late to take the idea seriously that maybe Jackson didn’t die solely by his own actions. The situation stunk from day one.

I and many people will probably forever be suspicious of Murray’s behavior on that day. What is certain is that there is no valid reason why Jackson didn’t get to the hospital before the time he did. There is no valid reason why Murray continued to perform CPR on the bed after it was unsuccessful.

What’s also certain is that regardless of Jackson’s past history with medication and other doctors, he was ALIVE. He passed a 5 hour health exam to get insurance to perform in London a few months ago.  No reports of large amounts of medications found in his body.  The nutritionist Cherilyn Lee claims she performed a blood panel on Jackson before she began treatment of him in January, and nothing showed up her exam either (see Nurse: Jackson lost 5 pounds a day).

Murray is Jackson’s doctor for less than 2 months and he’s dead. Coincidence, I’m sure.


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