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CNN: 90% of Chinese think Jackson is Innocent – MiniB#69

mjeol china01
CNN reporter Emily Chang filed a report from Beijing after the death of Michael Jackson.  Chang was reporting from a music store in China as employees were setting up a display for Michael Jackson.

Near the end of her report, Chang talked about a poll taken of Chinese people during the time Jackson was tried, and later acquitted in 2005, after false charges of child molestation were leveled against him.

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Bearden: Michael in Top Physical Shape for Tour – MiniB#68

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According to a radio interview on 98.7 Kiss FM in New York, musician Michael Bearden says Michael Jackson was in top physical shape for the London concert dates.

Bearden was one of the many musicians working with Jackson for months in preparation for the ‘This Is It’ set of concert dates which were scheduled to begin in July.

Just about everyone who was around Michael Jackson in the final weeks and months of his life have all confirmed that, unlike the recent reports of frail health from those with shady motives, the King of Pop was prepared and excited to get the show on the road.

Sources who heard the interview report that Bearden was very upset, as are so many millions of people around the world.

Bearden, who said he was working with Michael for three months on the tour, also said Jackson was intelligent, and that he (Bearden) had no idea where so many false stories about Jackson came about.


Respect him in death like you didn’t do during his life

Blog entry 7:55PM

The people who were very close to Michael Jackson and who are mature enough not to be irresponsible with their words have conducted themselves with respect in the wake of an incredibly difficult time for the world. Rev Al Sharpton and Gladys Knight are a few.

However, while watching news coverage today I have seen people like Deepak Chopra and Jackson-hanger-on Brian Oxman who have both behaved in an unacceptably irresponsible way, and they should both be slapped in the mouth for creating/spreading unconfirmed and speculative comments about Jackson’s death.

Oxman, who apparently never met a camera he didn’t like, started not even 24 hours after Jackson’s death.

Michael’s body ain’t even in the ground yet and they got their happy a$ses in front of a camera talking about something neither one of them know anything about.


UPDATE: Another lawsuit: AllGood Seeks to Derail London Shows – MiniB#67

Someone else is trying to stick their hands into Michael Jackson’s pockets. Shocking, I know. The amount of people attempting to prevent Jackson from focusing on his career and sidetracking any plans to show off his talent has grown… again.

According to a report from Reuters, some dude in New Jersey (AllGood Entertainment) is claiming he has a deal committing Jackson to a performance in the United States which stops him from performing in other places; other places like London’s O2.  The deal was supposedly struck with Jackson’s alleged manager, Frank Dileo.

(Update: ) The only problem is that Jackson family members released a statement on May 15 2009 saying they were in no way involved in any performances with Michael, as claimed by AllGood. Oops.


Press Conference for Jackson set in London – MiniB#66

Without the unfounded insults and speculative drivel like so many other online news sources, let’s just get to the exciting news, shall we?

It has been officially confirmed that the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, is set to hold a press conference at London’s O2 Arena in the next few days.

The speculation about O2 live performances have been fast and furious over the past few weeks with official word about the rumors coming only today.

Auction Handlers Refute Jackson Reports – MiniB#65

Darren Julien, the president of the auction house handling the auction of Michael Jackson memorabilia, is refuting reports that Jackson is being forced into it.

Reports circulating online are full of two things: one of those things is rank speculation as to why the King of Pop has decided to auction off stuff some of those same people previously ridiculed.

Remember all those criticisms during the infamous ‘Bashir documentary’ about Jackson’s so-called “gaudy” style after looky-loos got a load of the contents of Neverland? All those paintings, statues, and expensive vases drew the sharp tongues and furrowed brows of serial-complainers.

Now Jackson is getting rid of what may have turned into unneeded baggage since he hasn’t lived in Neverland for years. Cue the sharp tongues and furrowed brows!

Harpies find New Jackson Target: Health – MiniB#64

After the repeated reports and predictions about Michael Jackson’s finances either proved to be flat-out lies or full of inaccuracies, the media have found a new issue for which to speculate: Jackson’s health.

Another dose of ‘Jackson is dying’ reports are making the rounds from tabloid sources. This time he supposedly has a superbug staph infection … or an infected face?…. Or was it an infected nose?

This is the latest in a series of hatefully speculative reports which are unconfirmed, but are being picked up by so-called reputable news agencies anyway. Surely they can’t be so desperate for Jackson news that they would grab at anything as long as it has ‘Michael Jackson’ in the headline? Wrong.

MJ Feb 2009

Back in December an alleged author, who some say wanted to get attention for an unauthorized biography of the King of Pop, claimed Jackson had emphysema and a rare genetic illness; oh yeah, and he supposedly need a transplant to live… blah, blah, blah (see Jackson Health Rumors a Total Fabrication).

The story turned out to be a steaming pile of crap.

Every news agency and online blog with more than 3 visitors picked up the story without asking how this guy would know Jackson’s current health status; without asking or receiving any type of verification for it. But the story(ies) traveled all over the world almost without a single question.


Latoya: Michael never wants to see Neverland again – MiniB#63

Apparently the King of Pop’s older sister has flat-out said what we and many of the public speculated about concerning Neverland Ranch.

Many sites, including asiaone.com, 411mania.com, digitalspy.com are carrying what Jackson’s older sister is reported to have said on Celebrity Big Brother.

“Michael still owns Neverland. He hasn’t been there in about six years – not since the trial,” she said on Celebrity Big Brother.

“He says he never wants to see it again. He doesn’t want to be there. The memories are so awful.” (see digitalspy.com{footnote}digitalspy.com{/footnote})


MJ with Blanket in Beverly Hills Recently – MiniB#62

From the “I mean, either give a decent report on him or shut the f*** up!” category: The online entertainment news media can’t keep their mouths shut about spotting the King of Pop Michael Jackson with his bright-eyed youngest (“Blanket”) in Beverly Hills.

Reports say the singer was seen at a medical center and was surrounded by fans upon leaving.

Simple, short report right? Nope.
My quarrel is not the reporting of such ‘non-news’ news because we all like to stay informed here. Not many things have caught my eye recently, but sometimes something happens for the umpteenth time to spark a need for release.