Latoya: Michael never wants to see Neverland again – MiniB#63

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Apparently the King of Pop’s older sister has flat-out said what we and many of the public speculated about concerning Neverland Ranch.

Many sites, including,, are carrying what Jackson’s older sister is reported to have said on Celebrity Big Brother.

“Michael still owns Neverland. He hasn’t been there in about six years – not since the trial,” she said on Celebrity Big Brother.

“He says he never wants to see it again. He doesn’t want to be there. The memories are so awful.” (see{footnote}{/footnote})

Really, how surprised can we be? Neverland was a symbol of the freedom of innocence and is now only a vestige of that ideal. It was turned into a ‘den of iniquity’ by vindictive, wrongheaded, cold-hearted snakes (some of whom happen to be the authorities) in front of a disbelieving jury. Who would feel secure enough to live there these past 4 years?

Jackson was acquitted of all charges in 2005 after one of the most ridiculous trials ever. Ridiculous, that is, if you think it’s ridiculous to put somebody on trial without a shred of evidence.

Watching a trial mostly of hateful accusations from the prosecution, contrasted against mounds of exonerating evidence for the defendant, makes the blunt admission from Latoya Jackson all the more tragic.

As reported by the AP earlier, the grant deed to the 2800 acre Neverland Ranch was transferred to a company co-owned by Jackson last year.

From the AP report:
Sources close to the transaction tell Action News Sycamore Valley Ranch Company is a “joint venture” between the King of Pop and Los Angeles based Colony Capital. That source also says Jackson and Colony Capital will continue business projects together. (see Associated Press {footnote}AP article{/footnote})

As I’ve written previously and thus will write again, those beautiful sentiments for which Neverland was created were eclipsed by the greed of those who wanted to snatch it from Jackson’s grasp come hell or high water… despite the fact that it meant the ruination its ideals.


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