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New updates to MJEOL makes it easier for you to start or join community groups



In a continued effort to make MJEOL your community, we’ve added extended features to continue to give you a voice here.
For the past few days I’ve been experimenting with a new way for you guys to connect to MJEOL and each other.

  • Fanfiction – Every fanfiction writer should join the Fanfiction Masters Group right now! Like the other groups, it’s brand new. Fanfiction masters run the universe! They really are the ones who create those deliciously naughty MJ fanfiction stories we all love to read so much!
  • Dreams – Everybody has dreams right? Community members who love to delve into the mystical meaning of dreams should join the Mystical Dreams Group. They are totally fascinated with the idea of dreams and what they mean. Come share those MJ dreams!
  • Politics – Members with a head for politics should join and MJPolitico Group because not only do they love Mike, they love to get involved in political brawls too!
  • Religious Wars – There’s stuff you want to say … conversations you want to have … questions you want to ask about religion and religious beliefs. To have those conversations or find like-minded people, you should join the Religious Wars group!
  • Foo’, is you Crazy!? – Okay, everybody has had a WTF? moment before. Sure, you’ve talked back to your TV when you’ve heard something totally ridiculous like how PETA wanted those ice cream guys to start using breast milk in their ice cream. WTF? Or when Britney shaved herself bald in public. WTF? Or whenever Bush opened his mouth to speak… WTF? Then this is THE group you must join and make it a success!
  • The RuffMeow Room – How many of you are CRAZY about your pet?! A lot right? The RuffMeow room is a group where you can share photos, stories and video links of your cute little baby! (Cats, dogs, parrots, hamsters, fish, etc are all welcomed)

Don’t be afraid to give me suggestions about what other groups should be added, or add your own group (with admin approval) and get your friends to join up!

====Latest Bullet====

MJ with Blanket in Beverly Hills Recently – MiniB#62
From the “I mean, either give a decent report on him or shut the f*** up!” category: The online entertainment news media can’t keep their mouths shut about spotting the King of Pop Michael Jackson with his bright-eyed youngest (“Blanket”) in Beverly Hills…
MJ with Blanket in Beverly Hills Recently

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