Not-so-breaking-news: Feldman and Haim not Molested by Jackson – Bullet #329

Breaking news: Neither Corey Feldman nor Corey Haim were abused by Michael Jackson. Why in hell is this news, you ask? It’s because a few numbnut online entities wildly speculated about who Feldman’s mystery abuser was after an ambiguous advertisement for their reality show aired recently.

Since these few lunkheads already hate Michael Jackson and already know of Feldman’s prior friendship to Jackson, of course he HAD to be the one? Right? Right?? Wrong.

Frank Dileo Slaps NY Post Quotes – Bullet#328

Michael Jackson’s former manager apparently doesn’t know what the hell two New York Post reporters are talking about when they erroneously claimed he made provocative statements about Jackson recently.

The two blockhead reporters, Stacy Brown and James Fanelli, wrote up a questionable and as yet unsubstantiated article about the finances of the Jackson family.

‘Celebrity Expose: Michael Jackson’ Good but not Great – Bullet#326

The "MyNetworkTV" network aired its Michael Jackson edition of their Celebrity Expose series Feb 11. The verdict: pretty good but with a few ridiculous moments.

There is already early word from SonyBMG that Thriller25 is over-performing in sales; a contention shored-up by fans posting on Jackson-related sites all over the internet about having trouble finding a store where the special edition isn’t already sold out.

No Thriller25 at Grammy 50th – MiniBullet#58

After what felt like 12 hours of watching the 50th Grammys celebrations, Usher and Quincy Jones walked out on stage and… and… presented an award. That’s it. No Michael Jackson and no Thriller celebration.

Something should have told me to move on, early, after not hearing one thing about Jackson or any type of a 25th anniversary tribute on the night of the show. Nor was there any mention during the voiceovers before each commercial break.

Raymone Bain: Is she or Isn’t She? – MiniB#57

Over the past few days, rumors circulated by a few online news sites claimed that Michael Jackson spokesperson and general manager Raymone Bain was o-u-t.

According to various MJ fan sites including, Bain says the rumors were not true and she had never so much as heard of one of the main online news sites spreading the rumor.