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Breaking news: Neither Corey Feldman nor Corey Haim were abused by Michael Jackson. Why in hell is this news, you ask? It’s because a few numbnut online entities wildly speculated about who Feldman’s mystery abuser was after an ambiguous advertisement for their reality show aired recently.

Since these few lunkheads already hate Michael Jackson and already know of Feldman’s prior friendship to Jackson, of course he HAD to be the one? Right? Right?? Wrong.

This speculation rose higher after a few self-important online gossipers spied the advertisement featuring Feldman and Haim’s arguing over the issue of both being abused. The commercial was edited for dramatic effect.

Jackson isn’t a child molester and was acquitted three years ago after false molestation allegations. However,  to those who wish wholeheartedly for  Jackson to be guilty of something (anything…it doesn’t matter) he MUST have been the one they were arguing about in that vague commercial, right? Right?? Wrong.

I’m sure this little ambiguously edited commercial and the online news surrounding it will have the intended effect of getting free media attention for the network and the reality show.   I certainly didn’t give two craps about a Feldman-Haim reality show until a number of stories related to the issue popped up when searching Google News.

Feldman has since told GQ magazine that Jackson is absolutely not the person who molested him as a kid.

Feldman: “People can say whatever they want, but it wasn’t Michael. He and I have our own issues, but that wasn’t one of them… The guy that did this to me was my assistant.”

But since Corey Haim didn’t name his alleged molester, those same a$sholes are claiming that “it’s not out of the realm of possibility” that the person is Jackson. Yes, it IS out of the realm of possibility.

Online site even threw in the words “…but he didn’t deny it was Jackson, now did he?  Haim didn’t deny it was George Bush, the Pope, Dumbledore, Bill O’Reilly, or the author of that asinine statement either.  Does that equate to guilt? Hell no.

 Of all of the probably hundreds of people Feldman and Haim have come into contact with during their lifetime and career, why did the media immediate pick out Jackson as the subject of this gossip?

Remember, most of the speculation is happening on sites where Jackson just HAS to be guilty of….something….anything… doesn’t matter. 

Maybe Jackson has something to do with the $4/gallon gas prices too? I’m sure he had a hand in the housing crisis. He obviously used voodoo to cause the massive earthquake disaster in China (Waiting on the Vanity Fair article about that one).  And, wherever with whoever, its not out of the realm of possibility that he helped cause Hillary Clinton to lose the democratic nomination as well.  Maybe he’s the one who got Amy Winehouse hooked on drugs? Hey! She didn’t deny it was Jackson who did it, now did she? 

Give me a damn break with all that mess.

 None of this is new.  This isn’t even the first time Feldman has exonerated Jackson of such hatefully speculative falsities.

 Years ago the now defunct entertainment show {tag Celebrity Justice} (CJ) dug up tapes of the Santa Barbara sheriff’s deputies questioning 22 year old Corey Feldman in connection to the 1993 allegations. 

During his interviews, Feldman actually told police who his accuser was. But, according to CJ, the police didn’t really care about any abuse where Jackson wasn’t involved.

Checking the archives of MJEOL, you’ll find the report “Do Feldman Tapes Indicate Jackson Witch-Hunt? – CJ” dated February 10 2005.

While the cops kept giving Feldman every chance to make an allegation, Feldman kept flatly denying ever being abused in any way by Jackson. 

From the report:

Everything I’ve told you is true and there’s… I mean, nothing happened."

Corey also tells [Santa Barbara sheriff Sgt. Deborah Linden], "You don’t know how many times I have racked my brain and gone, ‘is there something I’m forgetting? Is there something that, you know, I’m thinking didn’t happen but it really did?’ If I could find something I would love to be able to tell you, but nothing happened."
(see Do Feldman Tapes Indicate Jackson Witch-hunt? )

 Further digging in the archive and you’ll find about Celebrity Justice report titled “Corey Feldman Defended Jackson in 1993 Police Interview – CJ”, dated Feb 9 2005.

 According to the CJ report, Feldman is on tape saying:

"Nothing ever happened with Michael and me," Corey is heard saying. "Believe me, If there was something that I’d been hiding for all these years, then I would want nothing more than to bring it out right now, to make sure that Michael got the help that he needed."
(see Corey Feldman Defended Jackson in 1993; Police interview CJ)

When Feldman told police who his alleged molester was, they didn’t appear to be interested in investigating, according to CJ.

More from their report:

Shockingly, Corey does claim he had been molested — but not by Jackson: "I myself was molested so I know what it’s like to go through those feelings, and believe me, the person who molested me, if this was him that did that to me, this would be a different story because I would be out there, up front, doing something immediately to have this man given what was due to him."

Even more shockingly, Feldman actually named his alleged abuser but the detectives seemed to express no interest investigating the man, seeming to only have eyes for Jackson.
(see Corey Feldman Defended Jackson in 1993; Police interview CJ)

Can someone infer that the Santa Barbara Sheriff’s department didn’t want to have anything to do with finding real child molesters?  Jackson was a target as far back as 1993. Period.  To law enforcement, based on the CJ report, it seemed like Feldman could go to hell so long as he wasn’t accusing Michael Jackson of any wrongdoing.

Feldman also appeared on Larry King Live November 21 2003; a transcript of which can be found here:…larry-king-11-21-03-2.html

He said he had “never seen him act in any inappropriate way to a child” and that Jackson has never acted inappropriately with him.

From the transcript:

KING: Spent time with him?

FELDMAN: Spent, plenty of time.

KING: Go to Never, Neverland?

FELDMAN: Been to Neverland many times.

KING: Did you sleep with him?

FELDMAN: No. We shared rooms a couple of times. Never shared a bed. But, you know, like one time we went to Disneyland and we went to the Disneyland Hotel and, you know, he was a — so much of a gentleman, which this really surprised me, but so much of a gentleman but he actually offered his bed and allowed me to sleep in his bed and he took a cot. And he slept in the cot. That’s a true story.


Feldman even said Jackson stood by him in a supportive way when Feldman became hooked on drugs. From the transcript:

…it was kind of like Michael’s probably not going to stick around, probably not going to be my friend anymore and it was a big shock he was very supportive and came out and called me and asked if there was anything he could do, if there was anything that I needed and gave me profound advice, which was to take the pain of the torment and the turmoil I was enduring and to kind of refocus that into my acting and to use it. And it was profound advice and I’ve used it.

So, again, why were some online equivalents to the yapping lunkheads who received massive airtime during the 2005 trial, acting as if Feldman’s denial is actually NEWS? One online report even proclaimed, “Feldman has now revealed…” as if it had never been addressed before. 

I suppose a person can be as lazy as they want to be in reporting a story,  but come on. This wasn’t an unknown or unknowable fact before Feldman’s recent GQ interview.

Further, notice how the “rumors” and “speculation” have all but ceased in the wake of Feldman’s umpteenth denial? Did “they” think “they” had a chance for another allegation to hype to high heaven and increase their internet site traffic? Probably.


 _Never ask a question you don’t want the answer to_
Feldman wasn’t the only one who has been questioned by authorities (and the media) about his closeness to Jackson. The questioning by deputies of male children who were around Jackson in 1993 became a subject at the 2005 trial; a trial where another set of false molestation allegations were made almost 10 years to the day of the 1993 allegations.  Just like clockwork, right?

Particularly, the questioning of Jason Francia by police became an issue. According to transcripts, Francia repeatedly denied ever being abused by Jackson. It was only after police began feeding lies – one of which involving Corey Feldman by the way – that Francia made his ‘ticking’ allegation.

Francia, “the maid’s son”,  is the guy who reportedly worked in an Auto Parts store and testified for prosecutors during the trial. Francia’s also the one whom the jury foreman – in a post trial interview with Nancy Grace — specifically said wasn’t believable (see Foreman: Jason Francia Not Too Credible Either; No Proof of Guilt Bullet #275).

Police told the young Francia, back in 1993 during his questioning, Jackson was molesting Mac Culkin and that Corey Feldman was on drugs and was going to die soon because Feldman had spent time with Jackson (see Foreman: Jason Francia Not Too Credible Either; No Proof of Guilt Bullet #275).

Wade Robson also came under police questioning. Despite whatever tricks police may have tried to pull on him, he was never abused nor has he ever made any allegations of abuse against Jackson. He testified for Jackson during the trial.

Brett Barnes  testified for Jackson during the trial. He too was questioned by police back in 1993 in their effort to come up with allegations against Jackson. No word on whether Feldman’s drug use back in the day  was used by police to get him to make a false allegation either.

And these were only the male children who were ‘unlucky’ enough to be around Jackson during the time. They pretended the girls who spent time at Neverland didn’t exist.

These are the kinds of things Jackson has had to fight against for over a decade.

Exactly how do you fight against a situation where cops would badger and purposely lie to a kid to get them to make false allegations against you?

Further, how do you fight media (both offline and online) who seem hell bent on convicting you in the eyes of the public come hell or high water? Hell bent on pretending as  if there is still a chance you’re guilty of something…anything….with whoever…whenever?

What exactly does any of this have to do with Feldman? Simply to say, Feldman is just one in a string of male children who have exonerated Jackson both publicly and to the authorities. But who cares about that!

The minute there was a sliver or a chance that one could speculatively assume Jackson had to be a “mystery” abuser of one or both of the two-Coreys, none of that mattered.

What is different, however, is the follow-up story that Jackson wasn’t the alleged abuser . It’s actually being reported!  Correcting or continuing a story which doesn’t fit the initial viewpoint of the author/media entity almost never happens when Jackson is the subject.

So can we finally forget about the two-Coreys? Maybe. Maybe not. That may depend on how desperate they are (or how desperate A&E is) for ratings and attentions.


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