Simon Cowell: Idol Stage Fright Rumor Not True – MiniB#61

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As if we didn’t see this one coming: Simon Cowell of American Idol fame says the ridiculous rumors about Michael Jackson having stage fright and not appearing on Idol’s season finale are NOT true. The sometimes irascible, sometimes totally annoying Cowell was on BBC Radio 2’s Steve Wright show May 30 and flatly denied the claim reportedly started by a British tabloid.

Cowell claims he has heard from "people around him alot" about whether American Idol would be interested to book the King of Pop for an appearance on the show.  However, who these "people" are — or even whether or not they’ve had the authority in the past to approach American Idol or Cowell on behalf of Jackson — remains unknown.

Listen to Cowell’s reply below:
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{mosgoogle center} As you know, there have been cases in the past of has-been/used-to-be/never-was wannabe power-brokers — who have had no authority whatsoever to make deals or approach anybody on Jackson’s behalf — trying to cut side deals using Jackson’s name.

The sometimes lucid, sometimes not co-host of Idol, Paula Abdul, probably added fuel to this speculation fire by telling the tv entertainment show EXTRA she had a "sneaking suspicion" Jackson would be at the finale without any type of verification (Abdul’s Idol Speculation).

My bet is that if Jackson wanted to be on American Idol, he would have done so already. Try telling that to the few news agencies who snapped up the story and reported it as if it were factual.

Moreover, the rumor was asinine to begin with considering the fact that Jackson has been performing in front of crowds since he was about 6 years old. This is the same Michael Jackson who has publicly commented about feeling most comfortable on stage.

Seriously, though. Stage fright? Come on.


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