Auction Handlers Refute Jackson Reports – MiniB#65

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Darren Julien, the president of the auction house handling the auction of Michael Jackson memorabilia, is refuting reports that Jackson is being forced into it.

Reports circulating online are full of two things: one of those things is rank speculation as to why the King of Pop has decided to auction off stuff some of those same people previously ridiculed.

Remember all those criticisms during the infamous ‘Bashir documentary’ about Jackson’s so-called “gaudy” style after looky-loos got a load of the contents of Neverland? All those paintings, statues, and expensive vases drew the sharp tongues and furrowed brows of serial-complainers.

Now Jackson is getting rid of what may have turned into unneeded baggage since he hasn’t lived in Neverland for years. Cue the sharp tongues and furrowed brows!

Of course he can’t be doing it of his own free will, right?!

Julien, the president of Julien’s Auctions, says the King of Pop has been working with him for 5 months to get rid of items including fine paintings, statues, furniture, costumes and other things.

Julien reportedly told Fox News, “He has never had an auction. We have been working closely with him for five months and he is in complete control of this. This is something that Michael is doing of his own free will. He is not being forced into it” (see

Julien also says Jackson collected all kinds of items, “Michael Jackson was a collector of everything, We’ve never seen a collection that is as extensive and eccentric as his.”

Well, that’s another burst bubble. Maybe now they’ll go back to speculating about his health instead of how much money is in his pocket.


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