Press Conference for Jackson set in London – MiniB#66

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Without the unfounded insults and speculative drivel like so many other online news sources, let’s just get to the exciting news, shall we?

It has been officially confirmed that the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, is set to hold a press conference at London’s O2 Arena in the next few days.

The speculation about O2 live performances have been fast and furious over the past few weeks with official word about the rumors coming only today.
If Jackson will announce upcoming performances, they will be the first live shows he’s done in years. As a side note, the latest news would finally slap down those asinine reports about Jackson’s non-existent “dire health conditions” which floated all over the web in a manner of hours.

Jackson was last in London in 2007. His last onstage appearance was earlier when reporters lost their minds with speculation about an alleged performance at the World Music Awards. Jackson was never set to perform, never confirmed a performance, and to this day reports are still written with the false assertion that he “reneged” on the deal.

Here are details about the press conference:
WHAT: Michael Jackson to Make A Special Announcement
WHEN: Thursday, March 5th
TIME: Suggested Arrival Time is 1pm.
Press Conference Starts at 4pm.

Grand Concourse
Peninsula Square
London SE10 0DX

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