Respect him in death like you didn’t do during his life

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The people who were very close to Michael Jackson and who are mature enough not to be irresponsible with their words have conducted themselves with respect in the wake of an incredibly difficult time for the world. Rev Al Sharpton and Gladys Knight are a few.

However, while watching news coverage today I have seen people like Deepak Chopra and Jackson-hanger-on Brian Oxman who have both behaved in an unacceptably irresponsible way, and they should both be slapped in the mouth for creating/spreading unconfirmed and speculative comments about Jackson’s death.

Oxman, who apparently never met a camera he didn’t like, started not even 24 hours after Jackson’s death.

Michael’s body ain’t even in the ground yet and they got their happy a$ses in front of a camera talking about something neither one of them know anything about.

To a lesser extent, I have had to listen to Ed Gordon and others make the allegation that Michael had lightened his skin, while other celebrity “friends” have disrespected his memory by commenting on things like plastic surgery. Not one person declined to even go there nor have they mentioned Jackson’s vitiligo.

Who the hell cares if Michael’s nose was the size of a thimble or the size of Texas? It means NOTHING at this point and they have contributed to this air of caricature instead of providing any insight into the man.

At this point, I feel like this: Unless you were there and saw him get shot up with pain medicine, I don’t wanna hear $hit about what you THINK happened. Don’t get on TV playing Mr. ‘I-knew-it-all-along’ without thinking at all about what his children would feel. Or without making room for the notion that just maybe you didn’t know $hit about Michael Jackson’s current life.

That also goes for ex-wives, ex-employees and ex-friends who all helped contribute to the massive amounts of stress and pressure he found himself under.

Michael Jackson would never use your death as an opportunity to float unconfirmed speculation or pretend to be psychic and act as if he knew about things of which he had no idea.

As for the media, you better damn well give him the respect in death that you so thoroughly failed to give him in life, or else you will get a backlash on a scale like you have never seen before.


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