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Bearden: Michael in Top Physical Shape for Tour – MiniB#68

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Michael Jackson mj_008
According to a radio interview on 98.7 Kiss FM in New York, musician Michael Bearden says Michael Jackson was in top physical shape for the London concert dates.

Bearden was one of the many musicians working with Jackson for months in preparation for the ‘This Is It’ set of concert dates which were scheduled to begin in July.

Just about everyone who was around Michael Jackson in the final weeks and months of his life have all confirmed that, unlike the recent reports of frail health from those with shady motives, the King of Pop was prepared and excited to get the show on the road.

Sources who heard the interview report that Bearden was very upset, as are so many millions of people around the world.

Bearden, who said he was working with Michael for three months on the tour, also said Jackson was intelligent, and that he (Bearden) had no idea where so many false stories about Jackson came about.

He also says Jackson wanted to expand the shows to last 3-5 years and that those involved were trying to get Jackson to dampen his plans because of all of the great things he wanted to add to the show.

Bearden reportedly said Jackson named the tour ‘This is It’ to tease the fans, but really wanted the shows to be a symbol for the last chance to improve the world before its too late. In other words, as a fan who heard the show reports “This is it so we better do something”.

They are working to try to get the footage of the show rehearsals released, according to Bearden.

Bearden was with Michael Jackson up until about 12:30AM on the day he passed away doing rehearsals for the show.  He says Michael was focused, full of energy and both sang and danced exceptionally.

These reports directly contradict the many unfounded reports being carried by cable and online sources. Those who were not in a position to know Jackson’s physical condition in the past weeks or months have made unsubstantiated accusations about Jackson’s health.

AEG, the group behind the London shows, confirmed Jackson took and passed a 5 hour long health examination by independent doctors in order to get insurance for the shows just months ago.

These facts corroborate reports from Bearden and others who were directly involved with the tour.

Reports about his health after his death should be looked upon with a big dose of skepticism like so many reports during his life.

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