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CNN: 90% of Chinese think Jackson is Innocent – MiniB#69

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CNN reporter Emily Chang filed a report from Beijing after the death of Michael Jackson.  Chang was reporting from a music store in China as employees were setting up a display for Michael Jackson.

Near the end of her report, Chang talked about a poll taken of Chinese people during the time Jackson was tried, and later acquitted in 2005, after false charges of child molestation were leveled against him.

From the report:

“Emily Chang:…As for his controversial life, when Michael Jackson was tried on child molestation charges, a poll of people in China showed 90% thought he was innocent. To them he was and still is the King of Pop, the epitome of a world class superstar. “

Video video of the report below:

Chang reports Michael Jackson was beloved by many if not most of the people of China, and that his music was some of the first western (from the west) music widely available in China.

One guess as to why this information managed to not get as much (or any) media attention during the 2003-2005 time period. It is unclear as to whether or not Michael Jackson knew how much love and support he had from mainland China.

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