Attorney Suing Tom Sneddon Talks to MJJF Radio – Bullet #55

Gary Dunlap Talks to MJJF Radio – MJEOL Bullet #55

Gary Dunlap, the attorney currently suing District Attorney Tom Sneddon for $10 million, gave an exclusive interview to MJJF Talk Radio .

Dunlap was prosecuted by Sneddon and later acquitted on all charges. In Dunlap’s civil suit, he alleges Sneddon violated his civil rights and levels 22 counts against the Santa Barbara DA.

In the interview, Dunlap says there were major violations during the investigation and prosecution stage of the case against him.

According Dunlap, Sneddon was involved in racketeering and has a history of running rough-shot over the north county. He says the judge in his case concluded that there was “substantial governmental misconduct” on the part of the prosecution.