Yet More Damaging Info about Prosecution’s Case-MJEOL Bullet #103

Yet More Damaging Info about Prosecution’s Case -MJEOL Bullet #103
Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Dept. investigation yielded nothing

In an exclusive report, NBC’s Mike Taibbi revealed even more information about the goings-on before the Jackson allegations surfaced. Taibbi says the family gave two very detailed and very different stories in just a period of months to investigators.

Further, it’s also revealed that the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Dept began its own official investigation of the very same molestation allegations for which he’s now being charged. But here’s the kicker: They concluded, from their 2 month investigation, that no further action was required against Jackson and closed the case! Current district attorney Tom Sneddon’s own county police dept. investigated these allegations and obviously found nothing or else the case would not have been closed with no further action required.