Jim Thomas Blows Prosecution’s Claims?–Bullet #106

Jim Thomas Blows Prosecutions Claims? – MJEOL Bullet #106 Jim Thomas, long time friend of Tom Sneddon and former Sheriff of Santa Barbara, is an analyst for MSNBC. Partly through him, the media and public is being spun about the importance (or lack of importance according to him) of a two month investigation done by the Santa Barbara Sheriffs department that ultimately cleared Jackson of these allegations, finding “no criminal activity” occurred.

The investigation began Feb 18 2003 and ended April 16 2003, according to reports (see Mother of accuser initially said ‘I trust my children with him’ ).

The public was told nothing about this investigation during any of Sneddon’s interviews with Diane Dimond and Art Harris. Sneddon didn’t volunteer this information during any of his joking and insulting press conferences. Neither was the information published on the prosecution’s media website. Nor was it released in a statement though it’s PR firm Tellum Worldwide.