Dimond Negligently Reporting 93 Settlement Details?- Bullet #156 Update3

Dimond Negligently Reporting 93 Settlement Details? – MJEOL Bullet #156 Update#3 Observers: Where’s the Beef? It seems that the 93 settlement agreement wasn’t as black and white as even we claimed. Initially, it looked as if Jackson had agreed to some unknown form of negligence not related to molestation. However, it turns out that he didn’t even agree to that much. There was absolutely no agreement of anything whatsoever; not even negligence. In short, to call the 1993 settlement a ‘molestation settlement agreement’ is erroneous and has no basis in fact at all. Below, you’ll still be able to read our original report. To read about this update in the story–and to read a transcript of a hearing where Mesereau addresses this issue–click over to MJEOL Bullet #166: 93 Settlement Was Not A Settlement for Molestation Claims One has to wonder if tabloid reporter Diane Dimond even read the 93 Settlement document before she broke into regular Court TV programming to talk about the details of her illegally obtained scoop.Starting yesterday, Dimond trumpeted this latest leak as if it were an admission of guilt in the 93 “case”.Nothing could be further from the truth once you read through the actual sealed and supposedly confidential document itself. The rag reporter of former Hard Copy fame has appeared on a number of shows, spinning this document in the stratosphere. But once you cut through all the bull, the unnamed sources, the dramatic pauses and the speculation, you begin to see that the “big scoop” isn’t big at all. It is 11 year old information that has been speculated on for the past….oh, 11 years.

New Jackson Leak Tempest in a Teacup? Act of Desperation?– Bullet #155

‘New’ Jackson Leak a Tempest in a Teacup? Act of Desperation? – MJEOL Bullet #155

Tabloid reporter Diane Dimond has somehow gotten her hands on what she claims to be the settlement document from 1993.This was such “important” news that both Court TV and, later, MSNBC, broke into their programming to talk about this ‘new’ 11 year old information.And for what?

After all the initial craziness, what we now know is that Jackson didn’t pay the accuser millions of dollars after all.It was, from the info in the document, paid by an insurance company.

If this document is indeed authentic, however redacted, we also learn that the money went into a trust fund for the accuser, not directly to him.We also know that Jackson maintained that he is innocent of any wrongdoing in the settlement.