Prosecutors Break Gag Order, Defense Ask for Clarification– Bullet #173

Prosecutors Break Gag Order, Defense Ask for Clarification – MJEOL Bullet #173 Michael Jackson’s defense attorneys have asked Judge Rodney Melville for a clarification of the gag order. Apparently two prosecutors, Tom Sneddon and Ron Zonen, engaged in behavior where they broke the gag order. Sneddon appeared on a discussion panel in Canada where he was specifically discussing this “case”, according to a witness who was present at the conference. Zonen did an interview with the Santa Barbara News-Press about this “case” as well.

Now, with prosecutors running to the judge in regards to one statement Jackson released about the 93 “case”, it seems rather imperative that Jackson’s lawyers ask the judge to check into the fact that the current district attorney appeared on a discussion panel discussing this “case” and that his colleague spoke directly to the media about it.

Questionable Testimony Catalyst for Conspiracy Charge?– Bullet #172

Questionable Testimony Catalyst for Conspiracy Charge? – MJEOL Bullet #172 In MJEOL Bullet #170, we learned about some of the completely asinine theories and allegations prosecutors are claiming in the Michael Jackson “case”. There is a great deal of information found in the defense’s rebuttal motion (Reply to Plaintiff’s Opposition to Defendant’s Motion to Set Aside the Indictment). The defense continues to deconstruct the odd theories around this “case,” and blast the misconduct by prosecutors involving the searches, the grand jury process and a witness who couldn’t possible have known anything to which she testified in front of the grand jury.

The defense tells Judge Rodney Melville that there was a complete lack of probable cause presented to the judge who issued the search warrants.  That judge, Thomas Adams, is said to be the one who has issued dozens of search warrants—last count was 57—to prosecutors in this “case”.