Jackson Fans Rip VH1 Movie from Stem to Stern– Bullet #175

Jackson Fans Rip VH1 Movie from Stem to Stern – MJEOL Bullet #175 Biopic ridiculous and wildly inaccurate After media reviews tearing the VH1 movie “Man in the Mirror” apart, Jackson’s fans are also ripping the movie apart from stem to stern; questioning everything from the accuracy to the choice of actors. In a mad rush to be one of the entities to financially benefit from Jackson’s fame and legal troubles, VH1 created what some have characterized as a “dramatization” of media articles, cliché’s and inaccurate info staring a ‘cartoon character’ version of Michael Jackson. This version is often seen through the lens of misinterpretations, half-truths, or outright lies.

The movie, as expected, portrayed Jackson to be an immature, selfish nutcase who doesn’t know how to live in the world, according to many fans at the powerhouse fan site MJJForum and even the vh1 messageboard. The sentiment is also shared by members of this site, MJEOL, where the majority of fans who posted their reviews feel that the movie lacked both depth and enough truthfulness to be even remotely accurate.

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