Stepfather Asked for Money from Jackson & 2 Reporters– Bullet #184

Stepfather Asked for Money from Jackson & 2 Reporters – MJEOL Bullet #184 Some prosecution sympathizers have attempted to say the admission by the accuser’s stepfather under oath–that he asked for money–can be interpreted in two ways. This is not only a ridiculous interpretation of what the stepfather said, but it’s also indicative of them grasping at straws to explain away this latest incredibly damaging revelation.

The stepfather testified that the family was asked by Michael Jackson associates if they wanted to be in a rebuttal video telling their side of the story after the Bashir “documentary”. Sources inside the courtroom say the stepfather then testified he asked that person over the phone what Jackson was offering to the family in exchange for their participation.  He was the first one to solicit money.  He was also brokering deals from two other sources: two British reporters from whom he also tried to solicit money.