Part2: Dimond Goes Into Destroy-Mode w/Alleged Co-conspirators– Bullet #187

Part 2: Dimond Goes Into Destroy-Mode w/Alleged Co-conspirators – MJEOL Bullet #187 Continuing the tirade against Marc Schaffel, tabloid reporter Diane Dimond aired part two of a three part series into desperately and ridiculously trying to link Schaffel’s sordid past with Michael Jackson. The ‘guilty by association’ garbage seems to have been designed specifically to use the people around Jackson to destroy his credibility. Needless to say, it failed miserably. On a side note, we also get a glimpse into why Us Weekly magazine can’t seem to write a fair and accurate Jackson report to save its figurative life.

Dimond furthered her whatever-sticks story yesterday (Aug 26) on Schaffel, possibly because he’s seen as the easiest target and most subject to blackmail of all the 5 prosecution-alleged “co-conspirators”. She also revealed, according to her “sources” (so take it with a grain of salt), that law enforcement may actually be using a disgusting theory which has Schaffel “finding young men” for Jackson.

Without so much as an ounce of evidence, proof, or information relating to that theory, it is apparently what they’re trying to claim. No I’m not kidding. As ill-conceived and unhinged as it sounds, that’s allegedly what her sources are using her to pump out into the public. Some observers have said that it’s quite clear they want to make their case, instead of searching for the truth.