Part3: Fireworks as Kent takes on Crier, Dimond a No-show– Bullet #188

Part3: Fireworks as Kent takes on Crier, Dimond a No-show –MJEOL Bullet #188 Mysteriously, Crier Live wasn’t shown today (Aug 30). But there were fireworks in part 3 of tabloid reporter Diane Dimond’s report, which aired August 27, trying to destroy Marc Schaffel and link his past with Michael Jackson. Again, there was more questionable information from Us Weekly’s Ian Drew, whose involvement was discussed in MJEOL Bullet #187. Drew claims Schaffel was a kingpin of sorts in Jackson’s organization. Sources say nothing could be farther from the truth.

As a way to convict Jackson of some imagined behavior, Schaffel was used to create a story where there is none. Catherine Crier also seemed to run so fast from it that you’d think Dimond’s report was the plague.

In this part, we got more from scorned wanna-be-insider Ian Drew. In the report, Dimond claims Drew has interviewed Jackson numerous times. Drew, who used to work for the tabloid The Globe, took it upon himself to level a number of unconfirmed, unfounded and questionable claims against Jackson’s associates. He also brings Jackson attorney Mark Geragos into the fray; at one point, claiming that Geragos was in contact with Schaffel during the time when an alleged “conspiracy” was on-going.