Melville Defies Appeals Court, Denies Bail Reduction Again– Bullet #189 UPDATE#2

Melville Defies Appeals Court, Denies Bail Reduction Again – MJEOL Bullet #189 Update#2 First, the judge in the Michael Jackson “case” allows prosecutors to violate the gag order without any repercussions. Now he’s thumbed his nose at the Appeals Court by continuing to deny the reduction of Jackson’s unconstitutional $3M bail.

In his August 31 ruling, Judge Rodney Melville uses further speculation about everything from the 1993 “case”, to Jackson’s alleged “similar ties” to places all over the world.

Some observers say this is completely ridiculous and should require a higher court to step in again to finally resolve this issue. The Court of Appeals has already remanded the bail reduction ruling back to Melville’s court and requested him to show why he still hasn’t reduced Jackson’s bail in accordance with the law.

Where is Melville getting his reasoning? If I hadn’t been paying attention, I would have thought I was reading a motion from the prosecution.