Sneddon has History of Prosecutorial Misconduct? MJEOL Bullet #190

Sneddon has History of Prosecutorial Misconduct? 3-Part MJEOL Bullet #190 In the face of prosecutors now trying desperately to convict Michael Jackson in the court of public opinion, there seems to be a developing story surrounding the current Santa Barbara district attorney’s propensity to level criminal charges and allegations against attorneys who, some say, are in the way of a case he’s attempting to prosecute.

The DA’s office apparently has a history of ruining the reputations, practices, and lives of attorneys and others, who they deem as preventing them from pursuing a case. Just last week, prosecution sympathizer and tabloid reporter Diane Dimond made claims on Court TV’s Crier Live that her sources say prosecutors are inclined towards bringing attorney Mark Geragos into this conspiracy charge against Jackson.

This is a “case” where prosecutors seem to be leveling criminal allegations at any and everyone who was around Jackson to witness the “manipulative” and threatening behavior of the accuser’s mother.

As dubious as Dimond’s sources have proven to be, what if there is some semblance of truth to what she and her sources are claiming? It certainly wouldn’t be the first time the current district attorney, “cronies” in tow, have attempted to prosecute and/or ruin the reputations of a lawyer he sees as standing in the way of them getting what they want.

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NBC’s Dateline Continues to Pound Jackson – showBIZdata

NBC’S DATELINE CONTINUES TO POUND JACKSON Friday, September 3 2004 ——————————————————————————– NBC Dateline reporter Josh Mankiewicz, who has sometimes appeared to TV critics as a mouthpiece for the prosecution in the Michael Jackson case, is expected to report on the magazine program tonight (Friday) that Jackson paid $2 million to […]

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