Part2: More Lies from Dateline – MJEOL Bullet #192-B

Part 2: More Lies from Dateline as 1993 Shysters Resurface – MJEOL Bullet #192-B What Dateline NBC Didn’t Tell You In part two of this report concerning what Dateline didn’t tell you about the 1993 Jackson “case”, we pick up with new information about Victor Guiterrez and his close ties to Dateline NBC.

It has also been revealed that Victor Guiterrez was a “consulting producer” for the defamatory Dateline report, as you can see from a screenshot here of Dateline’s credits.

For the record, Gutierrez is the loser who was successfully sued by Jackson for claiming there was a videotape of Jackson molesting a kid. This, of course, was a malicious lie. There is some question as to who this “kid” was supposed to be. At one point, it was reported to be the maid’s son, Blanca Francia.