Exclusive: Docs from Druyan Byrne Case Reveal Pattern of Misconduct? – #193

Documents obtained by MJEOL concerning the Druyan Byrne case reveal a pattern of questionable tactics, witness intimidation, vindictive prosecution, jury pool tainting through the media and other misconduct by the Santa Barbara Sheriff’s Dept and prosecutors. The same prosecutors and police who are currently trying to railroad Michael Jackson.

Druyan, too, was investigated and charged with lewd acts upon a minor. The Santa Barbara police detective, Stuart Gardner, according to the documents, browbeat the 15 year old girl without a parent present until she gave in and “confessed”.

She later testified at the preliminary hearing that nothing happened between she and Byrne. She also submitted a declaration where she denied any such abuse.

Not to be content with that, prosecutors and police found a 20 year old drug addict and prostitute to make claims against Byrne earlier this year.

The following is PART ONE of a synopsis of events. We will be bringing you more of the synopsis soon.

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