Prosecutors Used 1993 Investigation to Get Search Warrants – MB #196

Prosecutors Used 1993 Investigation to Get Search Warrants, Indictment in Current Case – MJEOL Bullet #196 Defense wants prosecutors to hand-over info from the 93 investigation and references exculpatory evidence found during that investigation The defense has asked the judge in the Michael Jackson “case” to make prosecutors hand over documents and exonerating evidence from the 1993-94 investigation. Prosecutors have been ignoring the defense and dragging their feet in turning over these materials, called “discovery”, since this “case” began.

It was learned through the defense’s Motion to Compel Discovery that prosecutors used information from the 1993 investigation to obtain search warrants in THIS “case”. Prosecutors also presented info of the 1993 investigation to the grand jury in THIS “case” as well.

The judge had initially ordered prosecutors to turn over info form the 93-94 ransacking of Neverland before now. Apparently prosecutors used old layouts from the 93 raid as well when raiding Jackson’s house in November 2003.

This is astonishing information because for months the public has been told by “sources close to the investigation,” through tabloid reporter Diane Dimond and others, that prosecutors had a “strong case” and that this “case” can “stand on its own.” Oh really? Obviously this is not true since they had to use info from the old 93 investigation to get search warrants and to convince grand jurors to hand down an indictment against Jackson in THIS “case”.

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