Hughes Responds to Ray Chandler – MJEOL Bullet #197

Hughes Responds to Ray Chandler As Questions about the Authenticity of Certain Signatures and Audiotapes Surface – MJEOL Bullet #197 Geraldine Hughes, the writer of the book Redemption: The Truth Behind the Michael Jackson Child Molestation Allegations, has informally responded to the defamatory and one-sided tall tale recently being pushed by Ray Chandler (Charmatz).

In MJEOL Bullet #192-C, Part 3: Ray Chandler Provides More Lies to Dateline, we discussed a few of things that Chandler is claiming, and information from Hughes’s eye-witness accounts during the 1993 investigation.

Yesterday (September 13 2004) Geraldine Hughes responded to Chandler questioning her credibility. She says she’s heard that Chandler has wanted to write a book for at least 6 years now and she finds it interesting that Chandler has decided to release it at this time. She says of Chandler:

It is interesting that he tries to discredit all of my main points which I content proves the extortion theory, as opposed to child molestation. However, he refers to the transcripts and when you read them for yourself, they are validating exactly what I am saying happened. (see Redemption v. All That Glitters, I Stand Confidently Behind Redemption)
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Part 3: Ray Chandler Provides More Lies to Dateline – MB#192-C

Part 3: Ray Chandler Provides More Lies to Dateline, Other Outlets – MB#192-C
Another Dateline ‘Special’ that turned out not to be so special

Another Dateline “special” aired last night, September 12 2004, with the interview of Raymond Chandler (Charmatz); chock full of distortions, inaccuracies, one-sided conversations and allegations of Jackson being the “devil”. No, I’m not kidding.

Knowing that Jackson cannot respond to the old allegation, Ray Chandler is scheduled to be on numerous programs defaming Jackson and trying to turn himself into a saint by attempting to convince parents not let their children around Michael Jackson.

We won’t rehash all of the tired, sorry story from Chandler as you’ll be hearing from the opportunist enough this week; right ahead of the current accuser’s mother set to testify in court on September 17 2004.

Ray Chandler leaks documents that he only could have gotten from the accuser’s father or other people subject to the confidentiality agreement, and claims that these documents prove molestation. The “documents” are simply the unchallenged, un-crossed-examined, unfounded allegations initially made by the accuser. Nothing more; and certainly nothing proving guilt on Jackson’s part.

R. Chandler has also claimed that he isn’t in this for money. Yeah sure. Why not give the book away for free then? Apparently he expects to profit off of being an agent of someone who has obviously broken the confidentiality agreement from 1993.

The big deal about this latest media whoring is that we don’t get to hear Michael Jackson’s recordings. We don’t get to see Michael Jackson video(s) concerning this case. We don’t get to read court documents telling Jackson’s side of the situation. We also don’t get to read sworn testimony from a number of people who, sources say, have an incredibly different story to tell than the one ‘Uncle Ray’ is now trying to sell the public.

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