Defense Denounces Recent Leaks, May Seek Legal Action– MJEOL Bullet #198

Defense Denounces Recent Leaks, May Seek Legal Action – MJEOL Bullet #198 Observers inside the courtroom today (Sept 16), for day one of a schedule two day hearing in the Michael Jackson “case”, report that the defense has complained about recent leaks to the media and the tirade by Ray Chandler (Charmatz) concerning the 1993 case. Reporting through MJJF, those inside the courthouse say Jackson attorney Tom Mesereau argued that there are only a certain number of people who have their hands on certain information which has been leaked to the press.

One issue was the leaking of a police video interview with the accuser’s mother that was shown on the show “The Insider” and was leaked to reporter Art Harris. The video shows the mother making “outrageous” claims of being threatened by Jackson’s “people”. They say that the mother is lying about her claims.

For the record, Harris is only one of two reporters who did an interview with Tom Sneddon before initial charges were filed against Jackson in December 2003. That other reporter, by the way, was tabloid reporter Diane Dimond. Harris has been one of many to report pro-prosecution information, and he just-so-happens to be the recipient of this leak as well. How mighty lucky of Harris. Too lucky.