Prosecutors Break Atty-Client Privilege Again– MJEOL Bullet #201

Prosecutors Break Atty-Client Privilege… Again – MJEOL Bullet #201 In what can only be called a deliberate seizure of material covered by the attorney-client privilege, police raided Michael Jackson’s personal assistant where they seized defense work product. This time it was blatant and obvious.

In the defense’s Emergency Application, Jackson attorney Robert Sanger is requesting that items recently seized from Jackson’s personal assistant on September 15 2004, be sealed precisely because they are protected by attorney-client privilege.

It is much more than a coincidence that this raid took place the day before a very important 2-day hearing in this case. This is outrageously disgusting behavior that won’t be appeased with a simple “I made a mistake”.

It is common knowledge to sheriff’s deputies and prosecutors who Jackson’s personal assistant is. The defense says that from the sheriff’s department Property Form, some items seized definitely pertain to Jackson’s attorneys and their representation of him in this current “case”. Those items include a fax from Jackson to his attorney Tom Mesereau and 3 (three) folders labeled “Mesereau”.

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